What Makes Tampa Video Production Companies Unique?

Tampa has a welcoming and bright business climate, putting them third on KPMG's list of America's most cost-friendly business locations. In addition, Tampa is among the best cities to start a business especially in tech, ranking on the higher spot in 2022.

Both rankings show that Tampa video production companies are more than capable of meeting their client's business and expectations without worries. But what makes them stand out from the competition? Let's look into that.

Feature #1: Tampa Produces the Best Talents

Based on the U.S. Census data, Tampa continues to attract job seekers from across the country. However, the city is also home to educational institutions that attract quality candidates — the University of Tampa and the University of South Florida.

USF is a top-notch research university leading total expenditures in private and public categories. Meanwhile, UT is home to roughly 7,500 students from 136 countries and every state.

Both universities are on the top producers of the best hires in the city and Tampa video production companies will have constant access to this talented pool of young professionals. That is why you can feel more confident about hiring them to handle your video production needs.

You'll be sure that their team can meet your expectations and requirements, ensuring you only get the best quality videos that represent your business.

Feature #2: Tampa Is Open for Smart Business

Tampa offers a business climate that beats other cities, from talent to startup resources. The city is one of the most affordable places to do business in the United States. KPMG ratings show that Tampa outranks Boston, Cleveland, and Dallas as the most cost-friendly business locations.

They also noted that Tampa has the third-lowest labor cost in the country.

With more organizations moving into the city, the local business climate is only expected to grow. It also means that Tampa video production companies will have the chance to work with clients from different industry sectors, allowing them to be creatively flexible in developing ideas.

They'll find it easier to produce engaging videos that appeal to your target audience.

Skyline of the Downtown Tampa area
Tampa is one of America's most cost-friendly business locations.

What Do Video Production Agencies in Tampa, FL Specialize in?

Tampa video production companies have the expertise and equipment to produce videos that align with and support your marketing goals. Most video production services in Tampa can include:

  • Video marketing
  • Editing and scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Video editing
  • 2D and 3D graphics
  • Motion graphics
  • Publishing and distribution
  • And more

Video production agencies in Tampa, FL, also have experience creating different kinds of videos including:

  • Explainer videos
  • Company overview videos
  • Fundraising campaigns
  • How-to videos
  • Product videos
  • Commercials
  • Video backgrounds and headers
  • Testimonial videos
  • Interview videos
  • And more

Aside from video production, they specialize in other fields, such as:

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Why Hire a Video Production Company in Tampa?

Hiring one of the top Tampa video production companies increases your chances of getting high-quality videos you can publish on your website. It can help enhance your brand's image.

See the benefits of working with video production agencies in Tampa, FL:

Benefit #1: Tampa's Tech Industry Is Growing

Tampa's tech industry is one of the fastest-growing industries, attracting younger workers. According to ABC Action News, it also accounts for more than 8% of the city's workforce. It attracts numerous companies to build their business in Tampa, making the city the best choice.

Therefore, local agencies will always be familiar with the best practices to help their clients in the city, including a video production company in Tampa. Their team will always have the expertise to deliver high-performance videos representing your business.

Benefit #2: Tampa Has a Talented Workforce

Tampa is home to top-notch colleges, giving local companies access to the best talents. The city offers certifications, apprenticeships, or internships at local company boot camps, community colleges, or online through different organizations.

Tampa's number of educational opportunities allows the public to hone their skills. Due to the city's growing tech industry, Tampa even offers computing-related degree programs — one of the basic requirements that local production agencies are looking for.

A video production agency in Tampa, FL, has access to a highly educated and trained workforce that can work efficiently. You can be sure they can produce the best quality videos for your business.

Benefit #3: Tampa is Home to Flexible Firms

With the number of companies moving to the city, firms that offer video production services in Tampa will have numerous opportunities to work with clients from different sectors. It allows them to acquire the experience and knowledge needed to meet their clients' expectations.

Therefore, they can quickly develop ideas and determine which strategies will make your company stand out from the competition. They'll also be familiar with the process and tactics that best appeal to your target audience or market.

How Much Do Video Production Services in Tampa Cost?

Tampa video production agencies usually have a price range of $125 – $150 per hour. But other firms can charge as low as $25 per hour.

For a project, they often charge $1,000 – $10,000. However, that can go as high as $25,000 per project.

Each video production agency in the area will include the costs for different aspects of the process, and that can consist of:

  • Project coordination costs
  • Script development costs
  • Costs to hire on-screen talents
  • Fees to add special effects
  • Location costs
  • And more
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How to Find the Right Video Production Company in Tampa

It's best to do your search thoroughly if you want to work with a video production company in Tampa that meets your expectations and needs. Here's a list of things you must consider during your search to help you browse the top Tampa video production companies.

#1: Look For Nearby Companies

You'll have to look for nearby companies that understand your brand and what you want to achieve. You can use business directories to determine which Tampa video production companies are near your business.

You can also browse the internet to look into their services or expertise. You'll need to gather as much information as possible, so you'll have to check their online presence and website.

#2: Ask for a Quote

Once you've found a video production company in Tampa you want to work with, you should ask for a quote from them. Local video production agencies can only provide an accurate quote if you discuss your goals. It'll also be easier for them to offer a more reasonable quote on the services you might need.

You should also clearly answer their questions to get an accurate quote. Bear in mind that an agency can only provide a well-detailed quote after gathering the information needed for your project.

#3: Carefully Look for Hidden Costs

It's also advisable to ask if extra charges come with their services, aside from what they quote. It's also in your best interest to make sure they stick to their pricing. It'll help you avoid paying unnecessary fees that you might not know during the production process.

#4: Look Into Their Testimonials

You should also look into the testimonials of the top-rated Tampa video production companies to narrow down your search. Check if that production company can deliver quality services by reading the testimonials of their previous clients. It'll also help you evaluate their local reputation.

You can also read the reviews of their previous clients to understand the company you're working with.

#5: Get a Production Proposal

After finding a video production agency in Tampa, FL that meets your needs, you should ask for a written production proposal. Usually, the video production proposal is given to help their team understand your expectations.

#6: Ask for Samples

Tampa video production companies will always have a demo of their previous work, but it's still best to ask for samples of previous projects they've done in the past. Checking their previous work for other clients will give you an overview of what to expect from their team.

Evaluating their samples means focusing more on the video's message and quality.

10 Questions to Ask Video Production Agencies in Tampa, FL

  1. Which types of videos will appeal to my target audience?
  2. What kind of production equipment do you use?
  3. What local brands have you worked with?
  4. How will you make my company stand out from the rest?
  5. Who are the key people we’ll be working with?
  6. What editing software are you familiar with?
  7. What kind of video content do you specialize in?
  8. Can you repurpose my old videos?
  9. Can you provide an estimated cost for my project?
  10. What's your detailed production process?

Takeaways on Tampa Video Production Companies

Looking at the number of people and companies moving into the city, top-notch universities, and access to talent, Tampa is becoming one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. You'll also have access to the best in the city, so working with the top Tampa video production companies is crucial.

Local video production companies are flexible creatives. They can offer different packages and be experts in multiple fields, from SEO to branding. You'll have to search for a video production agency thoroughly. One of the things you'll have to look into is their reviews and testimonials.

It'll also be best to check their average rates. Usually, they charge $125 – $150 per hour and $1,000 – $10,000 per project. But that can still change depending on the services you need. So, it's best to set your expectations from the start.

Best of luck!

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