What Makes Advertising Agencies in Tampa Unique?

Tampa is the largest city in Hillsborough County and the third most populous area in Florida. As the economic hub of West Central Florida, the city’s economy depends on the maritime industry, construction, technology, finance, insurance, healthcare and tourism.

According to the same source, Tampa Bay is experiencing growth in both population and development.

On top of that, a Nielsen survey shows that 67% of local consumers shop online, making it beneficial for brands to hire a Tampa ad agency to grow their brand.

Take a look at a few major reasons why advertising agencies in Tampa are different from all their U.S. counterparts:

Reason #1: Tampa Has a Strong, Diversified Economy

Tampa doesn’t only attract tourists, but also businesses.

It's home to a thriving job market, a burgeoning entrepreneurial scene and some of the top global companies. According to the city's council, Tampa also offers numerous highly-skilled professionals and competitive salaries.

Moreover, the city has a low cost of living, which is 5% lower than the national average.

Tampa also provides plenty of educational opportunities, making the city an excellent choice for those planning to grow and build their career in fast-growing companies such as Iron EagleX, Imperium Data, Roger West Creative & Code, LoanFlight Lending, Ensurem and more.

In fact, the city's council claims that Tampa tops the state in job demand and creation.

It will be easy for you to find an advertising agency here that can meet your expectations.

Reason #2: Tampa Attracts Leading Talents from All Over the Country

Tampa's local council claims that having access to talent that consistently ranks at the top is the primary reason companies relocate or expand —including advertising agencies.

Based on the latest data, Tampa has a labor force of 1.97 million and continues to grow daily. Businesses of all stripes will find many educated, talented and young professionals to provide quality specialized services.

If you're looking for leading services backed by a driven and results-oriented workforce, a Tampa ad agency may be the best match for your advertising needs and goals.

Reason #3: Tampa Employs Highly-Educated Advertising Specialists

Based on Tampa's Economic Development Council, the city is home to nearly 80 technical schools, universities and colleges, training students to meet the job demands in the community.

175,000 students enroll in some of the most distinguished educational institutions in the city. This includes the Hillsborough Community College, St. Leo University, The University of Tampa and lastly, the University of South Florida.

75% of graduates stay in Florida, meaning that the state houses a high concentration of well-educated professionals. Both academic and business communities work closely to address the future and current workforce needs of the fastest-growing industry sectors in the city.

It's a determining factor for businesses looking for an advertiser in the area. It ensures that they will have access to a pool of highly-qualified advertising specialists.

advertising agency Tampa: Tampa Bay high-rise buildings at night​
Tampa has a labor force of 1.97 million

What Does a Tampa Ad Agency Specialize In?

A Tampa ad agency specializes in producing traditional and digital advertising campaign materials while building marketing strategies, providing branding and creating content, among others.

In this digital age, most advertising agencies in Tampa specialize in online advertising, developing comprehensive campaigns for different channels:

  • Native Advertising: Unlike banner or display ads, native ads match the media format in which they appear. You can often find them as recommended content on a web page or on social feeds. They look like a part of a page's editorial flow. It's a non-disruptive approach that exposes the reader to an ad.
  • Display Advertising: Digital ads incorporate visually engaging ads, like banners, videos or animations published on different platforms and websites, including blogs.
  • Social Media Advertising: Today, social media plays a huge role in promoting a business. Using social media platforms for your ad campaigns will help acquire new clients and generate brand awareness. They are also an excellent launch pad for new products and services destined for specific audiences.
  • Video Marketing: Users find video content entertaining. It makes for another excellent idea for your advertising campaigns. You can work with influencers to promote your products to a targeted audience or make original video content to grow your website organically.
  • Digital Signage: Digital signage is used on bus stops, window displays, MUPIs (e.g., street furniture as an Information point) and other stands with digital screens. It can pique your target audience's interest during the most mundane parts of their day, making it a great technique for reaching a wide and mixed audience.
  • Remarketing: Maintaining your existing client base is another solid marketing strategy that yields high conversions. Using remarketing entails running your advertising campaign to users who have visited your website and customizing your ads when they browse the internet.
  • Mobile Advertising: Mobile advertising refers to ads on smartphones and other mobile devices. It can also refer to ads on downloaded games and apps, banner ads on websites, SMS offers and more. It ensures continuous engagement with consumers through different kinds of updates.
  • Search Engine Marketing: SEM aims to increase your website's visibility on search engines through effective paid advertising campaigns. Depending on your website's quality and established CPC (cost per click), your ads will appear when users search for your preselected keywords.

Advertising companies in Tampa may also specialize in different areas, including:

We've ranked the best digital agencies.

Why Hire Advertising Firms in Tampa?

Hiring an advertising agency might be helpful in different ways, including:

  • Maximizing your marketing budget
  • Getting an objective insight into your market
  • Expanding your ad strategies to various channels
  • Getting access to the right and premium tools
  • Saving money on training your in-house marketing team
  • Taking the burden off your team

However, advertising agencies in Tampa offer other additional benefits. Here's a short overview of why you need to hire a Tampa advertiser to grow your brand:

Reason #1: Tampa Advertisers Understand the Local Consumers

Local advertisers are already familiar with the local community and business environment. This allows them to determine your target audience easily.

Likewise, their local expertise will pave the way to increase brand awareness in specific audiences.

Their local experience may also help improve your local SEO rankings. If you want to grow your business locally, advertising firms in Tampa can help you reach your goals.

Reason #2: Tampa Advertisers Can Help You Build a Local Network

Local advertisers have other clients in the area that want to get the best deals. Tampa ad agencies already have a connection with local vendors, allowing them to find more affordable rates for you. In turn, that allows you to execute your advertising campaigns more cost-efficiently.

Reason #3: Tampa Advertisers Can Save You Time and Money

Tampa advertisers are likely to be more flexible than national agencies because they can implement changes faster, saving you a significant number of resources.

Because Tampa advertisers tend to be leaner and smaller, it’s likely that you’ll get an account manager immediately and a progress report when you need it.

You'll also get a team that can respond immediately. Having answers to your concerns will help you implement your ad campaigns more easily.

Making the necessary changes to your ad campaign is a crucial aspect that ensures success.

How Much Do Advertising Companies in Tampa Charge for Their Services?

Most advertising agencies in Tampa have an average rate of $120/hour, while the average cost per project ranges between $1,000 to $10,000.

Other local agencies might even charge you $25,000 to $50,000 per project. The budget for your ad campaigns depends on different factors, including:

  • Advertising goals
  • Types of products or services
  • The campaign’s frequency
  • Expected ROI
  • And more

How To Find the Right Advertising Agency in Tampa for Your Business?

Here are the essential tips that will help you find the right advertiser for your business needs:

Step #1: Do Your Research

Talk to other business owners and ask about their experience with one of the advertising agencies in the area. They might lead you to a reliable partner or steer you away from a company that underdelivers or oversells. Either way, both are valuable pieces of information.

It'll also be helpful to read articles highlighting the work of certain advertising companies in Tampa.

Step #2: Make Sure They Know Their Numbers

You will find it frustrating to work with an advertising agency in Tampa that doesn't know its key performance indicators (KPIs). Therefore, ask how each agency will measure its failure or success before deciding which one to hire.

Having the right metrics set will serve as a basis to better optimize your ad campaigns.

Step #3: Look into Case Studies and Portfolios

Looking into prospective candidates’ case studies will allow you to check their overall performance, the problems they solved and the results they generated.

For example, if your goal is to gain more social followers, you should hire an agency that has a proven track record in social media advertising.

Step #4: Look for Business Chemistry

In addition to researching and exploring an agency's past work, you should partner with an advertising agency in Tampa with whom you share the same values, motivation and excitement to push your business forward.

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10 Questions to Ask When Interviewing Tampa Ad Agencies

  1. How will you pick an account manager for my brand?
  2. Can you name a few brands you have worked with?
  3. How will you execute the plans differently from our current advertising practices?
  4. How should our teams stay in touch?
  5. What services does my monthly retainer include?
  6. How frequently should we meet for discussions?
  7. How will you track the campaign’s success?
  8. Which marketing software are you familiar with?
  9. Do you do market research before developing a campaign?
  10. How will your team handle future issues or challenges?

Takeaways on Advertising Agencies in Tampa

Tampa has a rising economy and different industry sectors that attract top talent from across the country. Being an entrepreneur in the city means getting access to a highly educated workforce.

Local businesses planning to work with the top-rated advertising agencies in Tampa can ensure that each agency has a team of skilled professionals who can guarantee successful ad campaigns.

On average, advertising agencies in Tampa charge $120 per hour or between $1,000 to $50,000 per project, depending on the services you need.

The local advertisers can provide insights into local consumers and their changing demands. That makes a Tampa ad agency a valuable asset in growing your business.


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