DesignRush and Wix hosted a conversation on the future of web development, focusing on development velocity, resources and Wix’ development platform Velo.

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  • Andrija Savic, Director of Tech Client Relationships at DesignRush
  • Joshua Alphonse, Developer Advocate, Velo by Wix
  • Christopher Derrell, Head of Web Development at Adtelligent

Webinar date:

March 23, 2021

designrush x velo by wix webinar - panelists

DesignRush x Velo by Wix Webinar: Key Topics

Here is your guide to navigating the webinar video.

Panelist introductions:

00:35 - 2:47

Demand for custom development vs. web builders:

3:01 - 10:35

  • Christopher @Adtelligent has seen a great increase in demand for web development services during the COVID crisis; Adtelligent is working on 2.5x the websites compared to 2019
    • Demand has grown across industries
    • These features are in demand: blogs, CMS systems, online courses, eCommerce and groups
    • The features are a “symptom” of the businesses’ need to interface with clients online, according to Christopher
  • Joshua @Velo by Wix looks at the businesses that are already online and highlights the increase in demand for automation and customized solutions
    • Agencies and developers are looking for solutions to carry out these projects faster and more efficiently
  • Andrija @DesignRush announces the poll. Here is how webinar guests responded:

designrush x velo by wix webinar - poll 1

Introducing Velo by Wix:

11:25 – 20:55

  • Joshua presents Velo by Wix, showcasing the workspace and how to get started
    • Case in point: Bird Adoption website
    • Velo by Wix requires basic knowledge of JavaScript
    • Joshua shows how Velo opens Wix’ editor to developers, as well as well as how the platform cuts the development time in half
    • “This gives opportunity for business owners and developers to work alongside one another.” - Joshua
  • Joshua compares Wix (powered by Velo) to other web builders
    • Ease of use thanks to combination of all the in-house tools that come with Wix
    • A complete ecosystem to create, manage and grow a business online
  • Christopher contributes to the overview; Adtelligent has used various platforms, from Wordpress to Squarespace
    • Wix requires minimal resources; one person can accomplish the work of 3-5 people on other web development projects (the platform is doing most of the job)
    • Another benefit of Wix is their hosting. As Christ puts it: “89% of Wordpress websites have been hacked; 0% of Wix websites have been hacked.”
    • Finally, users can test Wix for free; “you don’t have to pay to get in the sandbox” says Christopher

Web builders & web development agencies:

20:55 – 31:00

Panelists discuss web builders’ place in the web development agencies’ service portfolio

  • Christopher “did not believe in Wix at all” three years ago
    • The main thing that has allowed his agency to use Wix continuously are its customization capabilities
  • Joshua reflects on three years in technology, focusing on Wix and Velo
    • Web builders are focusing more on “full-stack development and adding more complexity” allowing people to become “citizen developers”
    • Agencies are going to see that web builders are a friend, not a foe; they can help agencies get products on the market much faster
  • Christopher comments on Wix’s SEO functionality
    • “Every time we launch a site, it ranks”
    • Adtelligent has seen multiple Wix websites launch at the top of the page
    • Christopher recommends collaborating with experts to make the most of SEO
    • Joshua adds that Wix has built-in SEO capabilities adding to the speed of execution

Panelists’ advice to agencies on how to thrive in the future of web development:

31:30 - 35:25

  • Christopher says that agencies should, first and foremost, “understand the tool for the job”
  • Joshua says that “with technology, there are so many shiny new things,” but the focus should be on the mission
  • Andrija announces the second poll. Here is how the webinar guests responded:

designrush x velo by wix webinar - poll 2

  • 35:45 – 40:53 discussion on the poll results

Questions & Answers:


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