When it comes to our big day, we all have a dream in mind. Weddings are special. They make an impact and strike an emotional chord in all of us. But we live in a digital age now, and everything is online. And that’s why free wedding websites are booming.

Planning a wedding can be stressful — it takes months of planning and researching. It takes hours on the phone and hours in stores. It takes a lot of Pinterest searching and late-night phone calls with friends and family to nail down the right design.

But there’s a way to simplify it — and that’s with online free wedding websites.

These websites make it easy for couples to come together and give their guests a digital destination to interact with. There’s a lot of information involved in wedding planning — you need to send out invites, get RSVPs, figure out food and more. And these website builders make the process even more efficient by taking it out of their hands.

Free Wedding Websites
Free wedding websites simplify the planning process and provide an efficiency that can't be beaten.

Free wedding websites offer partners peace of mind. They allow couples to take a step back and breathe. After creation, they do all the work — they track RSVPs, questions, comments and even catalog wedding registries.

Everything is digital. Everything is online. It’s about time people jumped onboard the online wedding train before it’s too late.

But a website needs to be more than just handy. It needs to be efficient — especially when we’re talking about weddings. These couples are stressed enough as it is, they don’t want to be confronted by a free wedding website design that gives them even more anxiety.

And businesses can learn from these websites as well. Just because a website is free, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look the part. And in fact, these free website builders are a great tool for businesses to grow and strengthen.

Whether you’re in the market for a new, exciting website design, or you’re a happy bride or groom to be, check out these 10 free wedding website builders to get you ready for your big day.

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The 10 Best Free Wedding Website Builders To Spark Inspiration And Ease Wedding Anxieties

Minted Free Wedding Websites
The Minted wedding website is modern, colorful and fresh.

1. Minted

Minted considers itself a market for independent artists. It’s a brand that believes deeply in good design and prides itself on promoting independent artists that most people don’t get access to on an everyday basis. They take the time to comb through talent to discover the artists that can make a difference.

They then incorporate these artists and their work into their website — including their wedding website builder.

Their wedding websites are extremely comprehensive as well. They offer couples a host of templates to choose from which come with paper suites that let them customize and personalize to their heart's content.

Building the overall website is a breeze — options are clearly outlined and the process is seamless and fun. With Minted, you can create your own customized wedding website with the essential features like RSVP tracking and more. But the only downside to this site it’s almost too simple — there aren’t as many options as others on this list. Coding options don’t make it possible to add fun interactive features and exciting graphics.

But that doesn’t mean that this sophisticated and simple website doesn’t have its perks. If you’re looking for a website that does everything you need in a quick, easy and efficient way, then this is the website builder for you.

Minted also offers a premium account that costs a one-time payment of $20. This gives users the ability to add additional features like a photo gallery and a personalized URL.

Basic Invite Free Wedding Websites
Basic Invite lets couples match their online website with their printed invitations.

2. Basic Invite

Basic Invite is a service that lets you combine your printed invitations with a comprehensive mobile and desktop experience to really bring the wedding process into the 21st century. And with Basic Invite, you can quite literally match the design of your invites to the website itself and link the RSVPs you receive.

Designs are easily customizable, offering almost 200 color combinations that dazzle and amaze. Accept digital RSVPs with ease and efficiency, and even print place cards from the digital RSVP list itself. And these cards will match the theme of your print invitations and website design.

There’s a simplicity to this offering. It focuses heavily on the invitation aspect of the process, but it does offer a website experience that is optimized across all mediums and platforms, meaning that your guests can get all the information they need easily on any device.

The designs are serene and angelic. They are fun and floral. Couples can let their personality shine through with this bright, clean and open design concept.

Include a photo gallery, maps, registries, social media links and more with this streamlined website builder. It takes the guesswork and stress out of coordinating your event and gives guests peace of mind that they can get to your event with all the necessary information they need.

Joy Free Wedding Websites
Joy is a new wedding website that adds a playful edge to website building.

3. Joy

Joy is one of the newest free website builders for weddings, launching in 2016. It’s a website with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a free website builder, plus a few clever more. It’s bright. It’s clean. It’s happy. And it’s intuitive.

There are a variety of functions that come with this builder. On top of choosing from a wider variety of cute, clever and crafty designs, you also get a handy RSVP functionality that puts others to shame. And it doesn’t stop there.

You name it, this site probably offers it. It’s intuitive. It’s interactive. It’s fun.

You can manage guests, invite them, assign numbers and track RSVPs. You can also cater these invites to each individual guest, equipped with personalized questionnaires and more. This site knows all of the work that goes into the wedding process and aims to make it just a little bit easier for the bride and groom wherever it can.

Communicating with guests is also simple and easy, the site allowing you to upload all the information efficiently so that you can quickly and cohesively interact.

This website as a whole is extremely intuitive, with an interface that demands attention and inspires action. It’s fun and flirty and cute — the perfect combination for a free wedding website.

Zola Free Wedding Websites
Zola puts imagery first in its free wedding website design.

4. Zola

Zola is a visually stunning, efficient and simple wedding website design builder that makes it easy for happy couples to dive right into the wedding process, creating a dedicated page full of all the bells and whistles necessary. What started out as a simple, online wedding registry grew into a destination that hosts free wedding website building for couples across the globe.

There are over 100 design templates for websites and the integration of registry options is a breeze. This is a great website for one-stop shopping for your big day. This website has it all — invite your guests, provide them with all the information and let them check out your registry all from one helpful homepage.

The design in this website is sleek, modern and fresh. It’s engaging, bright and clean making it simple to create, send out and keep tabs on. Whether you’re looking to see what attendees you’ll be having, or checking out if anyone has any questions, you’ll be able to keep track of it with ease and efficiency.

The Zola website is simple. It’s full of visually-driven elements, clean space and clear typography which makes navigating throughout the site simple, and creating your own wedding website a dream.

From its subtle use of colors to its creative organization and typography, this free wedding website will help you create an online destination for your wedding that will fill you and your guests with excitement and satisfaction.

The Knot Free Wedding Websites
The Knot's website takes a soft and sophisticated take on wedding website designs.

5. The Knot

The Knot takes a simple, subtle and soft approach to wedding design. There are light pastels, airy space and clear navigation tools that help couples on their journey to free wedding website success.

The Knot is also, by far, one of the most popular wedding websites for couples. It’s easy to navigate, easy to set up and personalize and requires little time to shine. Templates are easy to find, and the options make the process even simpler. Whatever your taste, The Knot has a template that will represent your vibes.

The best part? These designs show up beautifully on mobile! Which is exactly where most of your guests will be reading and looking at them.

There is a seamless integration of registry details, and you even get to include budgeting and organization checklists for quick reference.

There’s a lot of flexibility in this website builder, and you get that right from the start. This clean and focused design is bright, light and airy — but it has a purpose and a determination to it that makes it clear what exactly your end results will be.

This website is simple and effective. You can personalize and customize it to fit your needs, and it’s easy to do — you don’t need to understand coding to figure it out.

Wedding Wire Free Wedding Websites
Wedding Wire's website is comprehensive and efficient.

6. Wedding Wire

Wedding Wire is a corporate entity that puts couples in contact with vendors, event spaces and more for their big day. It’s an online marketplace for wedding planners, merchants and organizations that help create dream weddings across the world.

They are a company that also offers wedding website capabilities that put others to shame.

Wedding Wire is a go-to destination for all things weddings — you can build your website, and then peruse the site for even more inspiration.

There are hundreds of templates to choose from, and you can even add your own photos in to create a wholly customized wedding website template. But this website comes with all the necessary features including RSVP and communication features, as well as a handy “Travel” section that lets your guests choose flights directly from the site.

Outside of the wedding website features, this site shines with all of its helpful vendor recommendations. Whether you’re looking for catering, a DJ, an event space or decor inspiration, this site can help put you in contact with the professionals that can make your big day the most special day of your life.

Wedding Wire is a sleek, modern and comprehensive website. Navigation is simple thanks to its clear menu bar, and the site as a whole is easily broken down by section so you know what you’re looking at, at all times.

Zank You Free Wedding Websites
Zank You helps couples build the website of their dreams.

7. Zank You

Zank You is a convenient and beautiful website builder that offers online registry services as well as website building services for couples looking to spruce up their big day coordination and planning.

Zank You was voted the best wedding website in 2018, so you know they mean business. And their modern and sleek layout is sure to amaze.

Begin by creating your website and choosing the right template. Then, it’s time to customize by changing fonts, colors and even backgrounds.

Once you’ve set the mood, it’s time to play with features that will dance across screens. Add location maps, wedding photos and galleries and even videos that highlight aspects of your big day and get people excited.

Set up a dynamic countdown, include a playlist and include an itinerary so guests know the timeline of the day and can prepare accordingly.

Zank You is also great because it lets you create a private forum where you and your guests can have discussions and conversations with ease.

Send out save the dates, recommend hotels,  track RSVPs and include an online registry all in one place that’s helpful for you and your guests.

This wedding website option is one of the most dynamic and engaging. There are a number of exciting and interacting options to add which bring a fun and exuberant nature to the website that gets everyone involved.

Say I Do Free Wedding Website
Say I Do is a modern wedding website that comes with a host of exciting features.

8. Say I Do

Say I Do is a modern, fresh and dynamic new wedding website builder that offers simplicity, color and personality. You can either choose the basic free version or choose to pay one $20 payment for a few more exciting elements. But overall, this design-builder offers beautifully crafted and stunningly simple options for a website that gets the job done.

The process of building is simple — you start by building your guest list, then designing your website with customizable options including event spaces, Instagram hashtags, location, dietary information questionnaires and more. Then, all you have to do is share your website however you want to — in an email, or included in printed invitations. After that, your job is done. Watch as the RSVPs roll into you, the venue and the caterers.

The great thing about this design is it lets you connect other vendors to your guest list with ease, meaning you aren’t the only one in charge of gathering all of the necessary information and getting it to the people who need it.

Don’t worry about having to track specific dietary arrangements or plus ones. Let the website do all the work while you sit back and worry about other things.

This simple, bright and creative design is full of enthusiasm and possibilities.

Wedding JoJo Free Wedding Website
You can feel the rustic vibes radiating off of the Wedding JoJo site.

9. Wedding JoJo

Wedding JoJo is simple, antique and classic. Landing on the page, you’re instantly met with a design that is reminiscent of years passed. It’s got an old-world vibe and a handmade quality to it that screams rustic and elegant.

Wedding JoJo is probably the simplest option on this list, with little customization features and few additional functionalities. It’s simple, elegant and classic — and it doesn’t leave much to the imagination. But this might be the ideal option for couples who don’t want any frills and just want a template that can get the job done with ease and without too many options to confuse.

Their paid version — coming in at $15 — offers a host of features and customization options, but their free taster version only comes with the basics. You can set up your website, upload photos and provide all the necessary event information for your guests. Unfortunately, the free version doesn’t let you track and manage RSVPs, but you are able to include a registry option for your guests to peruse.

Overall, there’s a simplicity and a modernity to this design. There are no frills or thrills. Its a simple, straightforward option for the couple that wants to add a little personality to their design, without taking the authenticity out of the whole wedding process. This design is perfect for the couple that wants to be involved at every stage of the process.

Wix Free Wedding Websites
Wix introduced a new wedding feature which adds depth to the wedding website process.

10. Wix

Wix is a powerhouse in the website building industry. It offers dozens of different templates in a variety of different industries. With Wix, you can create your own portfolio, start a blog or create a website for your own business. But the brand recently introduced a dedicated wedding feature for people to create for their upcoming big day.

Wix offers modern, minimal and fresh wedding design templates that are clearly laid out and clean. Right now, there are three layouts to choose from, but they come with a wide variety of customization options that can help you create the site of your dreams.

You can upload custom imagery, add cute graphics, and play with the overall orientation to add fun and flair.

This free wedding website builder is one of the easiest to navigate on the list, and it’s one of the most customizable — even for its free version.

Wix has been in the business for a while, and it has succeeded greatly. Therefore, it’s no surprise that their wedding options standout for how easy they are to create, customize and share with others.

You can even add or take away wedding features depending on what you want — whether you want to include a questionnaire, an RSVP option, a registry and more.

And the best part? It requires absolutely no coding or computer skills to create a website that looks professional and stunning. Click, drag and drop your images, text boxes and special features with ease and do so knowing you’re one step closer to one of the happiest days of your lives.

Upgrading to a paid account gets you access to even more features, customizable URLs and more, but its free option is one of the most comprehensive of this list as it is.

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Free Wedding Websites And What They Teach Us

These free wedding websites are sleek, clean and fun. They capture the fast-paced and flirty essence of marriage and the excitement of getting married all in a bright wedding website design that pulls users in.

They are full of intuitive and engaging functionalities. They make lives simpler. They streamline the entire process so that users feel at ease and excited.

And these colorful and creative free wedding websites do just that. They simplify the marriage process. They ease the anxieties and stressors that come from planning a wedding and inviting guests.

Couples can look to these websites for inspiration. Couples can look to these sites to make their lives easier and better.

But businesses can also learn from these designs for their own web pages. They are light and airy. They are intuitive and engaging. They offer seamless user experiences and pacify the users which helps them overall.

Users want easy. They want simple. They want clear. They don’t want a chaotic range of services and uses. They want websites that will tell them directly and succinctly what they want and what they can do. And that’s what these websites do.

Use these as inspiration -- for your upcoming wedding, or for your small business and get ready to be elated.

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