Microsoft (slide 1)

We all know who Microsoft is because their software dominates the majority of computers on planet Earth. Worth half a trillion dollars — yes, half a trillion dollars — Microsoft is no. 19 on the Forbes list and the world’s third most valuable brand.

The company changed its logo in 2012 — the first time in 25 years. 2012 marked the year that Microsoft released new versions of the majority of its products. A new logo was needed to unveil the dawn of a new beginning.

There are two components to the logo: the logotype and the symbol. This logo is minimalist and the two components are powerful and sleek.

The symbol represents the iconic Microsoft Windows operating system, used by more than one billion people across the globe. The logotype is Segoe font, which is used in all of their products as well. The squares of colors in the symbol signifies the diverse portfolio of Microsoft products. They also represent strength, simplicity, and boldness.


Microsoft (slide 2)

Microsoft had to revamp their logo to communicate the brand’s new thinking, and new products. The logo reminds the world of the drastic change in the ways customers interact with touch-based devices like smartphones and tablets compared to 15 years ago.

Microsoft (slide 3)

The beautiful logotype and modern window symbol catapult Microsoft forward into a new era of global technological innovation, experiences, and dominance.

Microsoft is a powerful logo design in the Education, Manufacturing and Technology industries.