HabitMinder Creative App Design

Staying on top of daily tasks and to-dos is hard enough, but staying healthy and remembering to take care of ourselves regularly is an even bigger challenge. HabitMinder is an app that helps users develop healthy habits through a series of daily reminders.

On launching the HabitMinder app for the first time, users are taken through a quick onboarding process that explain the app’s core functionality. Example images plus brief explainer text help ensure that users know the app’s capabilities before diving in.

After the onboarding process, the app immediately prompts the user to add their first healthy habit. Users are given the option to choose from a host of pre-populated habits under a handful of categories, including Body, Mind, Healthy Habits, Appreciate, and Commit. Each habit under a category is represented by a colorful icon with explainer text. Once a habit is selected the app helps the user determine the frequency and time of day when they wish to receive a reminder. Users can also customizes the color and sound of each reminder.

Navigation of this exciting app is handled through a tabbed menu that runs along the bottom of the screen. From this menu, users can see an overview of their daily goals and update their progress toward each goal. There’s also an area where users can access all of their statistics to track their daily progress.

The HabitMinder app has an appealing simple and minimalist design. Color is thoughtfully employed throughout the app to create visual interest and differentiate between different goal sets.

HabitMinder is a modern app design in the Arts & Recreation industry.