Brainsparker Inspirational App Design

Brainsparker is an app designed to inspire and motivate its user base. According to a statement on the Brainsparker website, “our mission is to ignite over 1,000,000 people to spark new & brilliant ideas that shift paradigms in life, at work, and in our world.”

The Brainsparker experience begins with an onboarding process for new users. Users swipe through a series of six screens, each with a bright background in different shades and simple text that explains the purpose and features of the app.

On the home screen of the app, brightly colored cards are displayed face down. The user taps on a card and the prompt are revealed. Prompts are short and presented in the bold black text against a plain white background. The user can export the prompt or save it as a favorite in order to revisit it later. The user can scroll through the cards by swiping left and right, or they can shuffle the deck from the home screen. Users can also set a “daily Brainsparker” notification to receive a push notification at a predetermined time each day.

Navigation of the app is handled through a sidebar menu that is expanded via a hamburger menu icon in the top left corner of the screen. From this menu, users can download additional free card packs or purchase additional packs. Packs for purchase are organized by theme or category. There’s a character pack, for example, that’s tailored to writers, and an innovator pack that includes prompts suitable for entrepreneurs and inventors.

Brainsparker is an inspirational app design in the Arts & Recreation industry.

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