Marvel: Color Your Own Elegant App Design

Powered by the recent rise in the trend of adult coloring, Marvel’s Color Your Own app allows superhero and comic book fans to make a piece of Marvel their own by coloring their own creations. Users can bring their own artistic tastes to bear on classic Marvel characters and scenes from the most popular franchises. The app boasts over 200 designs, with new pages added each week, so users will never run out of new scenes to color.

The app is packed with features to make any avid coloring book fan swoon. Each image is fully vectorized to avoid any pixelation when users zoom in close on an image. The app offers full pressure and tilt support for Apple Pencil with iPad Pro, but can be used just as easily with touch.

For young users who want to simply spend time in the Marvel universe and aren’t exactly perfectionists per se, a fill tool is available to allow them to color in discrete areas with one tap. There’s also a brush tool that automatically stays within the lines of a given area, which is a useful feature for those coloring with touch. An eraser tool undoes any mistakes with a simple back and forth swiping motion. There are many different palettes to choose from and each tool has multiple effects, including metallic ones, in order to help users get the exact look they were aiming to achieve.

The design of the app is modern and sophisticated. It’s easy to find pages to color, and users can scroll through different franchises in a menu that runs along the top of the screen. The muted black and gray background helps make finished pages really pop. With so many engaging features, the Color Your Own app really is fun for all ages, as the saying goes.

Marvel: Color Your Own is an elegant app design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.