Mixel Engaging App Design

Mixel is an app for all the cocktail enthusiasts out there. It helps if you’re also into a playful design aesthetic because Mixel has it in spades. Mixel bills itself as “An essential cocktail recipe guide with over 700 curated cocktail recipes from world-renowned sources.”

Mixel has a gamified user experience. The home screen of the app features an image of a bar. The user stocks their bar and their fridge by searching and adding the ingredients they own. They can also add an ingredient to their list to generate a portable cocktail ingredient list.

As the user adds ingredients, their personal bar is gradually filled in. Tap on any item to get an overview of what it’s used for. There’s also a link to see recipes that include that specific ingredient.

Users can browse and filter recipes based on ingredients, flavors, and whether or not they’ve tried them before.

Each recipe includes measurements, instructions, an illustration of the final product, and tasting notes and a brief note on the drink’s history. Informative and functional!

Mixel has a unique design. As the name suggests, the design is a pixelated one that recalls the earliest days of digital design. Sound effects and a score given for both bar and fridge stocking give the app a game-like feeling. Filtering and search functionality are located at the top of the screen, while an expanding hamburger menu at top right hides account features. Mixel is a fun and fresh spin on the mixology app category.

Mixel is an engaging app design in the Food & Beverage industry

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