Soccer Scores Pro - Fotmob Clean App Design

Fotmob is an app for football fans to keep track of scores, upcoming matches and news related to the teams they love best.

The app has a quick onboarding process which asks users to indicate which teams they’re interested in following, and set up alerts for matches, new, or top news only. This onboarding process helps customize the experience to the user’s interests and ensures they know how to get the most out of their use of the app.

The home screen displays matches by default. Users can toggle different criteria in order to only see matches they’re interested in, for example those that are ongoing, or only those than involve one of the teams they’re following. Toggling one of these options automatically adjusts the results shown on screen. Users can also swipe back and forth between info for matches that occurred yesterday, those that are ongoing, and those scheduled for tomorrow. There’s also an option to filter for even more specific results. The user can click on an individual match to find information about that match, including a live ticker, media, lineup, and stats.

Navigation of the app is handled through a tabbed menu that runs along the bottom of the screen. Each menu item is represented by an icon and helper text. A news tab gives users access to all the news in the football world, so football fans can rest assured they’ll never miss a beat.

The app is designed with a white background and green accent color. The overall design aesthetic is fairly minimalist, allowing the content on the platform to be the dominant visual focal point. Logos are used through to represent each team and to add visual interest to scores pages and listing. Content on the app is updated constantly, so it’s a resource fans will return to again and again.

Soccer Scores Pro — Fotmob is a clean app design in the  Entertainment and Sports & Leisure industries.