Whee.li App Design

Whee.li App Design Helps Users Rely on the Greatest Breakthroughs in Behavioral Sciences and Use Them in Everyday Life

Z1 Digital Studio worked with Whee.li to provide an app design that lets regular folks use appropriate tools to measure, record, and improve their everyday activities to create a well-balanced and healthy routine.

The app draws knowledge from the latest behavioral sciences updates and breakthroughs, which are then delivered via its design, improving users' lives one day at a time.

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But apart from a medley of helpful functions that help you understand behavioral changes and form new habits, its aesthetically pleasing UI and intuitive user flow make it one of the best app designs in the market today.

Personalized features

Whee.li's App Design Supports Its Users To Achieve Their Goals With Personalization Functions

Upon opening the app, the design prompts a menu of categories and choices where users can set their priorities. They can also add new categories aside from the default choices available.

Then, they'll answer some questions measuring their fulfillment and growth in all the labeled categories. A summary of results via infographic is available so they can visualize your progress. The app's user-friendliness is a textbook example of how professional app developers should approach UI/UX.

If the user is unhappy with certain results, they can set goals for each aspect to improve their quality of life. From then on, they'll be ready to turn their daily successes into long-lasting changes!

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Habit-nurturing journey

The Whee.li App Design Preserves Precious Moments on Your Habit-Forming Journey

Most of the time, we tend to focus on the results and forget about the journey that leads to it. However, the Whee.li app design has a standout feature called "Moments" that motivates users to retain (or regain) interest in their activities and reminds them of their goals.

This section lets users capture a significant moment along their journey, including a title, date, and a short event description. Each moment requires a tag from one or more previously chosen sections. After saving it, users can pick emojis that reflect how the event made them feel.

This feature gives users a sense of accomplishment and something to look back at as they progress.

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The Whee.li App Design Makes Behavioral Sciences Less Overwhelming Through Its Modern, Clean Interface (slide 4)

Whee.li App Design Visualizes User Progress While Offering Knowledge and Tips

The app design's UI features a clean workspace with extensive positive space, using purple as an accent color for labeling buttons and sections. (Check out some of the best purple app designs here.)

However, its appeal transcends the well-organized layout and shines in combining its aesthetics with core functionalities: analyze, track, and teach about change.

A good example is the Balance chart measuring success in levels and colors. Another element is the question mark icon that provides insights and tips to help users navigate the app better.

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