Louis Vuitton Classic Logo Design

Louis Vuitton Malletier, commonly referred to as Louis Vuitton or shortened to LV, is a fashion house and luxury retail company.

The company was established in 1854 by the legendary Parisian box-maker and packer Louis Vuitton.

He was the first to develop flat trunks covered by waterproof canvas. Louis Vuitton is widely credited as one of the most prestigious international fashion houses, putting the iconic LV monogram among the world’s most valuable and recognizable brands.

The Louis Vuitton logo often referred to as the LV monogram, is widely regarded as one of the most memorable fashion logos ever created.

It was designed by Louis’ son, Georges Vuitton, who came up with the symbol by printing his father’s initials on the canvas. Georges’ design was adopted as the corporate identity for the company in 1896.

The Louis Vuitton logo depicts a Japanese-inspired flower motif, which was created to prevent the counterfeiting of the Parisian company’s designer luggage.

The timeless LV emblem has now become synonymous with luxury, grandeur and indulgence. Ironically, the LV logo is now one of the most counterfeited symbols in the world.

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Louis Vuitton Classic Monogram Design

The main design feature of the official Louis Vuitton logo is the LV monogram, which is an italic upper-case letter L set slightly to the left, designed to overlap with an upper-case letter V.

Beneath this design are the words “Louis Vuitton,” completing the logo. The font used for this is small but easily readable, and the text in its entirety is as wide as the monogram design above it.

The text and monogram design are typically in black, with a contrasting white background for a classic, elegant and simplistic feel. This design scheme seamlessly extends to their website design, maintaining a consistent and harmonious brand aesthetic.

This is sometimes switched around, with the text in white on a contrasting black background, or produced in multi-color for a playful feel.


Louis Vuitton Signature Print

The logo is also adaptable, scalable, and doesn’t always use the words “Louis Vuitton” at the bottom of the monogram. Today, the company mostly uses versions of the logo that only feature the iconic LV monogram for advertising.

While the official logo is in black, the brand changes its logo colors to match its versatile and iconic designs. These colors are various pastel hues as well as bright shades like green and orange.

After taking the helm at Louis Vuitton, designer Marc Jacobs introduced an updated version of the monogram that features the logo in a white, pink, blue, purple and yellow pattern. The colorful monogrammed logos provide an excellent contrast to the leather of the bags, which is appealing to younger buyers while still maintaining a classic appeal.

Due to its use in the company’s signature print, the Louis Vuitton logo is instantly recognizable. It is used in a large variety of the brand’s products, and the old logo has maintained its roots and heritage while also creating a contemporary appeal.

With a meaningful and unique logo, the Louis Vuitton company has proven that successful brands continue to evolve while maintaining their ideals and values.

Louis Vuitton is a classic logo design in the E-commerce & Retail, Fashion & Beauty and Luxury industries.

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