Boeing Bold Logo Design

They design 747 Jetliners. They manufacture Rocketships. They create Geostationary Satellites that orbit the earth at 8,000 meters per second.

That’s 18,000 miles per hour. Buckle up, because this is Boeing. The largest aerospace company in the world is worth $118 billion and is the second largest defense contractor in the world.

Let's journey to 1997.

Boeing merged with rival McDonnell Douglas. Legendary graphic designer Rick Eiber was given a mission: combine both logos to merge the separate company identities into one cohesive design.

He famously incorporated the classic elements of the McDonnell Douglas logo into the merged design.

The shapes are a sphere with a ring around it triangle shaped like the tail of a plane to steer the company forward and keep profits in orbit.

It gives the illusion that the Boeing logo is preparing for departure with an eventual destination that’s 30,000 feet into the stratosphere, so prepare for lift off.

This logo is in motion — this is an absolutely perfect example of conscientiousness in logo design. When shape becomes married with the qualities of the company’s products, brand memory becomes intensified in the mind of the consumer.

The typeface uses a modern stratotype font. It emanates effortlessness and sophistication.

Stratotype was utilized as an alphanumeric designator on Boeing aircrafts in 1988. Talk about free advertising.

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Boeing Brilliant Logo Design

The Boeing logo color is deep blue. This symbolizes the sky, and Boeing’s supremacy, strength, and excellence.

That the logo retains the name of the company founder — William E. Boeing—who converted a shipyard in Seattle into his first airplane factory. Dare to dream.

This logo demonstrates how conscientiousness, and meaningful color bursts into brilliant design.

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Boeing Logo Design

Boeing is bolstered by a logo that embodies this company’s soul: A global enterprise. A leader in commercial air and defense products.

It captures the spirit of space flight. It couples the harmonious consortium of two great companies merging into one.

Boeing’s determination to reach new heights becomes personified.

And the name of the original founder encompasses a reminder not just to customers, but to the whole world: Be daring. Be determined. Be a dreamer.

Boeing is a bold logo design in the aerospace, engineering and technology industries.

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