Caterpillar Typographic Logo Design

Caterpillar Inc designs, develops, engineers, and manufacturers heavy duty construction and mining machinery as well as diesel-electric locomotives. CAT employs 153,000 people worldwide.

The company name is often referred to as CAT. The logo evolved to reflect this.

The logo features the CAT name with an eye-alluring yellow triangle.  The yellow triangle eliminates the negative space in the “A” letter.

The brand identity is built with the colors black and yellow. The small yellow triangle was chosen to brighten the logo, and attract more attention, while the yellow communicates energy and enthusiasm.

This tells the consumer that the company contains the spirit and drive to accomplish their goals.

Black color is utilized to represent excellence, strength, and elegance. Yellow can be attributed to the color of a wide array of CAT machinery, seen at construction sites across the globe.


Caterpillar Iconic Logo Design

All of Caterpillar machinery is recognized by the famous caterpillar yellow.

CAT generates an abundant amount of additional revenue from licensing the Caterpillar and CAT trademarks and logos. They merchandize their iconic logo on everything from clothing an apparel to construction tools. 

Within the logo, we can see a modified form of the Helvetica font family.

The letter “A” nestles on top of the yellow triangle much like a CAT bulldozer moving over a dirt mound at a construction site.

Notice the absence of clutter. The three colors complement each other. The use of the A on top of the yellow triangle subconsciously reminds the consumer that they still see CAT machines anywhere that construction takes place.


Caterpillar Logo Design

CAT is utilizing this simplicity and sets a high standard for a brand logo that is so effective, its not just on products, it’s on clothes that people wear. It looks cool and rugged.

And like CAT machinery — it gets the job done.

Caterpillar is a simple logo design in the distribution and engineering industries.