Chevron Geometric Logo Design

Chevron Corporation is one of the world’s largest oil companies. They produce, transport, refine and distribute natural gas, crude oil, fuels, and energy products.

The company first included “Chevron” in its name in 1977, where it merged six gas and oil companies into one—Chevron U.S.A Inc.

Chevron’s core focus is “achieving increasingly higher levels of safety, operational and environmental excellence.” The insignia is in the shape of a shield.

Expert logo design companies often opt for elements such as this one, a new take on traditional heraldry to represent safety reliability, and rich history.

The ‘V’ pattern represents a Chevron or a V-shaped mark, that coincides with the company name. Chevron pattern usage can be traced back to 1800 B.C. when archaeologists recovered pottery designs palace of Knossos on Crete in modern-day Greece.

Red and blue chevrons pop out on the white background, symbolizing patriotism and the country where Chevron Corporation conducts the majority of its business—The United States of America.

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Chevron Great Logo Design

The red and blue are gorgeous shades and contrasts that perfectly complement each other in a dance of harmony, not too bright nor too dark. The viewer is looking at proverbial eye candy: the logo’s colors are ravishing and memorable.

The spacing between the two chevrons is perfectly proportionate, symbolizing balance and trust. We see the Chevron text hovering above the chevron insignias, with the first and last letter aligned with the sides of the badge.

The font closely resembles Myriad Pro-Bold, one of the favorite typefaces of many accomplished branding agencies.

Energy sources on our planet are becoming increasingly difficult to scour and harvest. New efforts and experimentation can result in chaos.

Chevron Logo Design

The Chevron logo eases the mind of consumers. Its shield, or chevron insignias, remind us that this brand has stood the test of time. They will provide protection, stability, and reliability and responsibility in new energy solutions for years to come.

The combination of colors, historical symbolism, and proportion, make this logo a sparkling eye-catching cocktail that will stand the test of time.

Chevron is a geometric logo design in the distribution and manufacturing industries.

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