Laboshe Logo Design by Rebase Design

Laboshe Transcends Borders Through Amazing Skincare Products

Laboshe believes everyone deserves excellent skin regardless of age or skin color. This Indo-Korean skincare brand aims to address problems faced by Indian skincare enthusiasts through Korean skincare products.

Considering the popularity of Korean skincare worldwide, it's excellent timing that Laboshe takes care of skin concerns by many Indians using the best Korean skincare products available.

They need a logo that looks authentic yet creative. This Laboshe logo design has made clear that they are serious about providing Indians with the perfect Korean glass skin people adore.

Designed by Rebase Design, the Laboshe logo flawlessly represents the brand’s visual aesthetics and identity as a multiracial skincare brand.

Logo Design by Rebase Design

Laboshe Logo Utilizes Muted Colors to Express Superb Goal Focus

Most Korean skincare brands available today are a happy mix of aesthetics and burst of color, effectively appealing to the target demographic.

Laboshe strayed from this usual practice and took the sophisticated route. The brand shines with a muted color story that is both pleasing to the eyes and attractive.

The design agency used a muted shade of pine green and grayish light green for the brand name.

In color psychology, green denotes freshness and energy, which matches well with their aim of offering skincare solutions to Indians that guarantee fresh-looking skin from the get-go.

The choice of colors appeals to those who favor minimalist visual styles, known for their soothing color palettes and favorable impressions.

It also shows that they focus on their mission and are committed to upholding a solid brand identity.

The logo easily stands out on black or white backgrounds, adding a layer of elegance and polish to their visual assets once printed.

As you can see, the more vital shade was used for the word “labo,” while the softer shade was for “she.” It is an exciting nod to the yin-yang symbol, which promotes harmony through differences.

Labo means a laboratory, and she refers to women who are their primary market, so Laboshe loosely translates to "her skincare laboratory."

The representation of masculine and feminine values through the colors is genius. It is a clever nod to the Korean heritage of the brand without making it too obvious.

Lastly, even though the chosen shades are not as vibrant as their competitors, it has made them stand out as a luxurious-looking skincare brand that means business. It shows how brand development firms use subtle, sophisticated color choices to create a high-end look.

Logo Design for Laboshe

Laboshe Logo Design's Exquisite Typography Choice Is a Visual Success

The agency's font choice is a commendable design move. Much like how high-end logo designers use sleek and modern typography, the font styles clearly emphasize brand messaging.

Serif fonts are a good choice when creating clean and elegant branding visual assets.

It has always caught people's attention and given businesses the pizzazz they need.

Using a serif font to spell out Laboshe's name in English is an excellent way for them to be spotted in a sea of curly fonts and wavy letters in the market.

They also spelled out Laboshe's name in Korean, using the simple Korean script font commonly used in many Korean language publications, including product labels.

This helps them get easily identified by their customers, which is a plus point in terms of brand recognition. You do not need an elaborate logo to stand out.

Sometimes, using the correct visual elements do the trick effortlessly.

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Laboshe Logo Design Secures Immense Brand Recognition Thanks To Rebase Design’s Refreshing Logo Creation (slide 4)

Rebase Design’s Laboshe Logo Creation Stays Memorable With a Clean Aesthetic

When you think of logos, you always think of intricate and witty symbols representing the brand from the competition.

Laboshe has made it clear that their name is enough to make people recognize them in a sea of skincare products on the shelves in many beauty stores.

Beauty logos are characteristically timeless and evergreen, which means Laboshe's logo design has successfully fit the bill.

Like the cult favorite The Ordinary, Laboshe's logo design is enough as an identifier, and they want the results to speak for themselves.

Most brands need to understand that less is more, and Laboshe fully understood this assignment.

Laboshe's logo design sends a message that their logo endorses their ideals in terms of their commitment to giving every Indian a chance to have a dewy, glass-skin finish without even trying.

Thus, their logo design is easily remembered by consumers. They succeeded in getting the job done with this straightforward logo design.

Laboshe Garners Customer Satisfaction Through Commitment

Laboshe logo design looks classy yet efficient for many reasons mentioned above. Nowadays, people are more into designs that are clean and streamlined. Laboshe has nailed that quality with its minimalist logo design.

Having a logo designed like this gives the impression that empowering and improving the products are your top priority. Many brands have excelled in giving that impression, and Laboshe is on its way to doing the same.

Minimalist logos have the charm that keeps them fresh and relevant for a long time, thus eliminating the need to change and update now and then.

Indeed, the power of "less is more" is further highlighted in this fantastic logo design.

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