21 Best Beauty Logo Designs That Blend Aesthetics and Functionality

21 Best Beauty Logo Designs That Blend Aesthetics and Functionality
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: July 24, 2023

Color is merely one of three logo elements - others are symbols and font. All of them combine to create the most visible imagery of any business that's printed on any product or service.

A beauty logo can say a lot about the products, philosophy, and values of the brand in the makeup and skincare industry. It can display history and prestige. It can emphasize a moral value or important characteristic. It can evoke a specific emotion.

The global cosmetics industry is projected to reach $463.5 Billion by 2027.

In such a massive market, getting an edge over the huge competition is paramount. The first impression about a business, including the beauty logo, with the most immediate punch, can make or break a purchase of a product. 

This article talks about some of the best beauty logo designs created by the most sought-after logo designers in the industry today.

The beauty industry relies heavily on visual elements, so brands ensure that their visual assets reflect the beauty of their brands as much as possible. These include crafting the best logo designs that help brands stand out, whether on store shelves or other platforms.

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1. Jade Beauty Atelier by D'BOX creatives

[Source: D'BOX creatives]

Standout Features:

  • Sophisticated typeface
  • Stylized D and E
  • Thin serif font

Jade Beauty Atelier's elegant logo design by D'BOX creatives features sophisticated typography. It elevates the brand image and enhances its identity as a beauty brand catering to an upscale clientele.

The typeface has stylized elements, most notably on the D and E, where a diamond replaces the stem in E, and the D loops next to E. The design shows the brand's feminine elements, with the thin serif font adding a touch of elegance to the logo design.

2. Flaunt Beauty Bar by VICI LOU STUDIO


Standout Features:

  • Elegant typography
  • Lotus flower logo
  • Purple color story

For Flaunt Beauty Bar, VICI LOU STUDIO made this elegant logo design with a unique color story that showcases the brand's sophistication.

A window-shaped enclosure envelopes the logo, featuring a simple drawing of a lotus flower associated with beauty and wellness. Combining these elements with the typography gives off a feeling of elegance, simplicity, and femininity.

3. Celeste Beauty by Gwen Yap

[Source: Gwen Yap]

Standout Features:

  • Minimalist logo
  • Bold sans-serif font
  • Warm color story

Celeste Beauty embraced a minimalist approach to its logo, created by Gwen Yap. The result is a straightforward yet impactful logo design that is perfect for a beauty spa.

The logo features the brand name, Celeste Beauty, written in a bold sans-serif font. The deep salmon pink makes the design look welcoming, delivering a friendly image to the customers.

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4. SALON PRESS by Magnna Web Design

[Source: Magnna Web Design]

Standout Features:

  • Scissor drawing
  • A mix of different fonts
  • Simple color story

The scissor drawing for the Salon Press logo by design agency Magnna Web Design is a straightforward example of putting relevant icons to your visual assets to boost brand recall.

The scissors seamlessly blend with the brand name in a handwritten typeface. The thin serif font adds a touch of elegance to the overall logo design. Then, the white and gold color story adds to the luxurious look of the logo.

Overall, the elements used are perfect for a high-end hair salon.

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5. Minyeo Beauty by Alicia Luong Designs

[Source: Alicia Luong Designs]

Standout Features:

  • Crown on the M
  • Monogram logo
  • Feminine color story

Minyeo Beauty's logo design by Alicia Luong Designs is perfect for this eyelash technician and beauty brand. It features a playful font and a chic color story.

The monogram logo design flaunts a yellow crown perched atop the pink capital letter "M." For the logotype, the crown sits in the middle of the brand name, at the top of the letters "N" and "Y."

Minyeo also means "pretty woman" in Korean. The colors are playful and feminine, immediately resonating with its target market.

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6. Eden Beauty Spa by Shimeji Creatives

[Source: Shimeji Creatives]

Standout Features:

  • Handwritten font
  • Simple yet meaningful
  • Versatile color story

Shimeji Creatives showcased their creative prowess by creating a simple yet impactful logo design for Eden Beauty Spa.

The agency created a straightforward logo design, including handwritten font and a white color story. These elements are ideal for easier brand recognition as it avoids complicated visual elements.

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7. Eviva's Beauty and Spa by Brand Mind

[Source: Brand Mind]

Standout Features:

  • Flower bud icon
  • Skinny typeface
  • Streamlined design concept

Eviva's Beauty and Spa commissioned design agency Brand Mind to develop a logo that looks fresh and modern. The result is a stunning logo design that fits perfectly with the brand identity.

The logo features a flower bud, symbolizing growth and natural beauty, and a skinny typeface for a modern and clean aesthetic. Its streamlined design ensures simplicity, functionality, and versatility across various mediums.

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8. Tori Beauty by HECS STUDIO


Standout Features:

  • White color story
  • A mix of different fonts
  • Retro and sophisticated elements

Using retro elements to evoke a refined sense of elegance, design agency HECS STUDIO created a unique brand identity for Tori Beauty.

The designers strategically selected a color palette and typography to make the brand stand out in the competitive U.S. market. They also combined two different fonts to establish a unique and memorable visual identity for the brand.

Sleek & Boss Makeup Brand Logos

1. Fenty Beauty

beauty brand logo

Fenty Beauty is a popular makeup brand created by Rihanna. It’s one of the hottest brands on this list and has made headlines for a wide range of foundation tones and shades — perfect for almost all skin types.

But it’s not just its products that stand out — the new Fenty Beauty logo is equally iconic.

The redesigned logo replaced the old, more classic-looking one, in the summer of 2020. It is decidedly contemporary - and inspired by traditional monograms.

It’s strongly geometrical and it was described as “aiming to reflect the complexity of Rihanna’s character.”

The logotype version (without the name of the brand in sans serif) is used on release announcements and in isolation across product details.

The backward “N” adds a cool, innovative, and edgy tone to the logo that elevates the brand’s mastery in the cosmetic industry.

The Fenty Beauty logo is modern, fresh, and clean — a standout design that is leagues ahead of its competition. Will it be deemed one of the best beauty logo redesigns in recent times?

2. Nars

cosmetics logo ideas

Nars is a cosmetics, beauty, and skincare brand dedicated to exciting, enticing, and seductive products. Similarly, its logo design is a real stunner in its sophistication, sleekness, and pure seductive nature.

One of their most popular product lines is dubbed Orgasm Collection. The risque title is a general reflection of where the brand is going with their messaging and visuals - logo included.

The Nars logo is an extremely minimal and simple logo. It’s made up of a wordmark — but that doesn’t mean it’s outdated, old, or boring.

On the contrary, this exciting beauty logo keeps you on your toes and compels you to take a closer look.

This is a logo that doesn’t need any additional designs or elements. It doesn’t need a symbol, emblem, or compressed image to stand in its place on the packaging or across mediums.

It’s a strong, resilient, and powerful logo that promotes class, sophistication, and innovation in the cosmetics industry.

Luxurious & Iconic Beauty Brand Logos

3. Estee Lauder

cosmetic logos

Estee Lauder is a brand that exudes luxury and sophistication. It’s an iconic beauty brand that’s been in the business for decades, creating stunning and majestic products from makeup to perfume and beyond. It’s known for its class and elegance. It’s an industry leader, and it has held onto this vibe for years.

In addition to the powerful legacy that comes from this brand and its products, the Estee Lauder beauty brand logo holds that majesty, prestige, and honor.

The Estee Lauder logo is another that’s broken down into two parts — the illustrated monogram and the wordmark.

The monogram is made up of the overlapping E and L of the brand name in a curly, creative, and luxurious font.

The letters curl and swirl and glide inside the rectangular design that holds this monogram together. It’s luxurious and regal and stunning. It’s bold and inspiring, with creativity and an honor that is timeless, serene, and beautiful.

The wordmark is made up of a capitalized, sans-serif font. It stands strongly, contrasting elegantly with the swirly and fluid nature of the monogram.

It’s bold, sleek, and modern. It balances a regal history with a modern strength that can’t be ignored or tamed. This logo has stood the test of time and will continue for years to come.

4. Yves Saint Laurent

beauty makeup logos

Yves Saint Laurent is a makeup, fragrance, and beauty brand that has been around for decades, first beginning as a French retailer. It has held onto that prominence and legacy in its long history and doesn’t sacrifice style for form — whether in its makeup staples, beauty products, or beauty brand logo design.

The Yves Saint Laurent logo emphasizes that same heritage, integrity, and majesty in its beauty logo design. This is a brand that has been in the business of luxury for decades, and it can be felt through this stunning design.

This is a design with a creative and edgy monogram and wordmark. The monogram is made up of three overlapping, uppercase letters.

The design is edgy, sophisticated, and strong. There’s a legacy to it and a majesty that can’t be ignored. It exudes authenticity and authority.

Edgy Makeup Brand Logos

5. Urban Decay

beauty logo

Urban Decay is an iconic, edgy and modern cosmetic brand that is revolutionizing the world of beauty thanks to its gritty, enlightening and seductive makeup products. It’s a brand that knows what it's good at, what its audience wants and gives it to them in a fun and flirty package.

The Urban Decay logo is another one that often plays with colors — a deep, regal and majestic purple that oozes luxury and class.

This beauty logo is almost made up of a monogram illustration and a wordmark. The monogram is made up of a creative and edgy letter combination. The U and D are uppercase and angular, with soft swirls, hard lines, and modern flair.

This design overall is sophisticated, sleek, and surreal. It exudes resilience, excellence, and honor in a sweet and subtle way. It’s a logo that can be seen from a mile away and stands on its own in a stunning way.

6. Kat Von D Beauty

beauty logos ideas

Started by contemporary goth pin-up icon and TV personality Katherine Von Drachenberg also known as Kat Von D, this line of beauty products gradually rose to prominence in the last several years, having been launched in 2008.

Kat Von D Beauty makeup brand is vegan and cruelty-free and is on PETA’s list of cruelty-free brands. However, its defining characteristics are the long-lasting quality of its pigments in liners, eye makeup, lipsticks, highlighters, foundations, and various other products.

This brand’s logo itself is akin to the subculture it was established in. Imagery reminiscent of the goth and heavy metal scenes is present in the logo’s complex lines that resemble calligraphy, with a decidedly feminine tone to it.

The logo is a mirror of this beauty brand’s products, often described as bold, unexpected and vivid. Its aesthetics is directly derived from Kat’s tattoo artistry in its intricate typography pattern even in its retail locations which echo stylistic cues from gothic art and architecture.

Bold and Youthful Makeup Logos

7. Benefit

skin care names and logos ideas

The Benefit brand is friendly, creative, and artistic. It’s a sophisticated and silly design that is equal parts interesting, minimal, and eye-catching. 

The brand has an identity that is extremely approachable, engaging, and friendly. It markets itself as a retro makeup guru that can elevate your style in a fun and nostalgic way — and their logo holds some of these values.

Modern, edgy, and serene — the Benefit logo is made up of a simple wordmark that sits in a lowercase, serif font. 

But the excitement in this logo comes in its simplicity — especially in comparison to the surrounding packaging.

This brand uses vintage and retro design elements, along with bright pops of color to stand out from the competition.

8. It Cosmetics

cosmetics logo design

It Cosmetics is a beauty brand that dares to be different. It takes a fluid, natural and positive approach to makeup and skincare that encourages inner beauty and self-confidence in an inspiring and enlightening way.

Similarly, the It Cosmetics logo is a stunning display of down-to-earth modernity, edgy simplicity, and on-trend logo design.

The It stands strong in this beauty logo design, taking center stage and daring to be seen. It’s written out in a big, bold lowercase font. It stands tall, overlooking the rest of the design in a fun, flirty, and engaging way. It’s written out like a paintbrush, with lines that are fluid, dynamic, and fun.

This logo is fun, exciting, and minimal — and it certainly makes you stop and stare.

9. Glossier

natural beauty logo

Glossier is a modern cosmetic brand that is known for its simplicity and minimalism — in its product offering and its product packaging. It utilizes clean lines, bright clean space, and subdued colors.

Similarly, this beauty logo design emanates simplicity in its emphasis on clean lines and subtle illustrations.

The logo design seen on the packaging and on the makeup itself is soft, subtle, and sophisticated with a modern edge and a soft vibe that is perfectly and elegantly balanced.

This is a brand that understands the consumer landscape. It knows its audience and the kind of products and packaging they’re looking for.

And they use their logo to further promote their brand identity and connect on a personal level.

Glossier takes its identity seriously. It keeps it consistent and fluid across all designs and does so with class and grace.

Raw, Natural and Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Logos

10. Kiehl’s

cosmetic logo

Kiehl’s creates naturally-inspired skincare, body, and hair care products. It creates routines and regimens that are personalized and customized to specific and targeted skincare needs. 

The first store opened 165 years ago as a New York apothecary, but it has evolved into a brand that cares about all-natural products and the consumers that use them.

To capture this friendly, homely vibe, the brand went with a beautiful logo design that is fun, flirty, and friendly. The design is made up of a wordmark that excites, amazes, and draws your attention almost immediately.

This brand is one with a face and a soul — it’s not just a lifeless corporate entity. It has a personality that is tangible.

11. Origins

Best Beauty Logo Designs

Origins is a skincare and cosmetics brand that pulls from all-natural ingredients and influences to create products that are good for your sense of style, the earth, and for your skin. 

All-natural and scientifically tested ingredients go into the creation of these products, and you can see it in its packaging simplicity, and its logo design.

The Origins logo is oftentimes seen in a light green font, pulling from natural elements to create a design that promotes the organic nature of the brand as a whole.

It’s organic, natural, and stunning. It’s a creative design that shows the brand's dedication to positivity and all-natural, science-backed products.

But there’s a modernity to the design in the subtle empty space integrated into these trees. This colorful design stands out. It makes a point.

It dares to be seen. You can’t ignore a brand whose beauty logo is bright, bold, and dynamic in the way this brand is — and you don’t want to.

12. Aveda

Best Beauty Logo Design

Aveda is another beauty brand that puts a focus on all-natural products and plant-based, scientific evidence. In fact, the brand’s tagline is “the art and science of flower and plant essences.” 

Made up of a sleek, minimal, and modern wordmark, this beauty logo design stands strong and resolute. 

This innovative and futuristic design has elements that elevate the brand to the level of leader. It specializes in science, and you can see that in the design elements that the logo embodies.

This sleek and minimal logo isn’t easily overlooked. It isn’t easily forgotten. It’s a strong logo that cleverly embodies the brand’s legacy, values, and moral compass.

There’s a balance that’s struck here that is beautiful, sophisticated, and fun. You can trust this brand and its products, and this logo design helps to convey that.

13. Stila

Best Beauty Logo Ideas

Stila is an artistic and innovative cosmetics brand that puts creativity, out-of-the-box thinking and style first. The brand promotes cruelty-free products and artistry in a way that puts the cosmetic competition to shame.

It’s a brand that promotes positivity, happiness, and self-love while also allowing consumers the opportunity to master their own personal style.

To promote this, the brand logo is a creative, funky, and organic design that exudes happiness, creativity, and fun.

The logo is approachable and friendly — there are no harsh lines, angular shapes, or corporate vibes to take this brand out of the hands of everyday people. It’s an inviting and engaging logo design that compels, inspires, and impassions.

The Stila logo is instantly recognizable, but in a soft and subtle way that lets consumers use their own imagination to fill in the blanks.

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Top Beauty Logo Design Trends for 2023

Trends for logo design in 2023 will affect the beauty and cosmetics industry as well. These are some of the most notable changes we can expect moving forward this year and beyond.

Vivid Colours

In order to grasp the attention of the audience instantly, advertisers and beauty companies will turn to “louder” palettes and vibrant colors on beauty logos.

Responsive Logos

Since digital advertising spending overtook traditional for the first time in 2019, 2023 is the year of responsive logos - developed exclusively for mobile platforms where half of all internet traffic is taking place.

Because smaller smartphone and tablet screens are taking precedence, beauty and cosmetics brands must optimize their logos for them. A responsive logo appears as less embellished on the screen and retains readability. On the larger screen, the same beauty logo is more complex and detailed.

Use of Gradients

After years of solid colors dominating logos, gradient hues with multiple shades will be taking off in 2023. Beauty brands are expected to go down this route which is seen as a refreshment after years of minimalistic approach and mostly mono or duo-chrome logo design.

Negative Space Use

FedEx logo is the multi-awarded solution that is best known for its use of negative space in the mythical white arrow in “Ex”.

This clever trick is quite untapped among beauty brands that may resort to it quite soon, in an attempt to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Negative space could be used to enhance certain sections of the beauty logo that need emphasizing, in order to grab the attention of consumers.

Creative Typography and Fonts

Generic, mass-used fonts just won’t cut it anymore - cosmetic logos of top-class beauty brands will need a personal artistic touch.

There is a lot of emphasis on typography in design, which is a field of its own - and after years of simplistic typography, this year will mark a 180-degree turn, with more creative typographies on the horizon to reinforce the identities of beauty brands.

Beauty Logos Designs and Their Impact on Brand Identity

These beauty logo designs are full of inspiration for any brand or business looking to see what works and what doesn't. They're full of life, and happiness and emotionally evoking elements that reel consumers in and keep them engaged

There's a lot that goes into beauty logo designs. Logos need to embody the brand and its identity in its entirety. It needs to promote a personality and a set of values and objectives.

Logo designs need to stand out. They need to blend in, follow trends but simultaneously make a statement. These designs are vital for brands that want a successful and happy career.

Beauty brands need logos that stand out from the competition -- considering the hundred of brands vying for consumer attention and loyalty. They need to embody light and brightness. They need to set a tone. They need to seduce.

That's a hefty order, but these logo designs nail it. And yours can too, you just need a little inspiration.

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