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Symbolic Elements Take Center Stage on the MindThrive Digital Logo Design

MindThrive Digital provides website design, maintenance and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to wellness and mental health professionals. Make sure to check out our article on best seo agencies logo designs.

Along with CEO and Founder Kristen Nazarro, a life-sworn mental health advocate, MindThrive Digital helps establish and propel brands to the forefront of those who need them. They believe that when the websites of mental health professionals or coaches have a strong online visibility, reaching (and getting found by) those who need their services is easier.

Their logo is designed by Justin Jenkins Designs, a design studio based in New York that specializes in logo, packaging, poster, and print.

A successful branding identity starts with a comprehensive and memorable logo design. The agency took these two factors to heart and combined symbolic elements to effectively communicate the brand’s mission.

The dominant element depicts a person’s mental health. It shows a side profile with creative leaf graphics on the headshot to represent the mind. Generally, leaves symbolize growth and hope.

Relating it to MindThrive Digital’s mission, this visual simply communicates that thriving comes easy when a person is in the right mental headspace, which is exactly their main goal; to create empathetic websites for both mental health professionals and those in need of wellness services. Make sure to check out our article on best wellness branding designs.

Referencing this particular service are the dot patterns in alternating shapes and sizes running from the chin down to the neck. This element gives off a technological and futuristic vibe that hints about MindThrive Digital’s mastery in the online realm.

The Designers Maximized Royal Blue to Communicate Trust in MindThrive Digital

Experienced logo designers add colors not just for artistic purposes but also for the meaning behind each shade. Not to mention its power to influence a person’s psyche!

So, it’s no surprise that Justin Jenkins Designs maximized the use of royal blue in creating MindThrive Digital’s logo design.

The color blue urges people to relax because of its association with the calmness of the seas or the sky. It also symbolizes one’s depth of understanding and wisdom. Brands or professionals that use this color are seen as stable, trustworthy and dependable.

By simply incorporating this shade into the logo design, the agency has successfully communicated MindThrive as one of the online marketing experts that mental rt professionals can trust.

Meanwhile, soft touches of white neutralize the overall logo design. Aside from giving the logo a neat background, the agency also utilized it to emphasize some elements. Take the three-leaf symbol enclosed in a white circle, for example.

Marigold as Complementary Color Proves to Shed Light to the Brand’s Vision

“When you shine, so can the lives of others. We’re here to get you in front of those who need you the most – so the world can become mentally healthier one website visit at a time.” - Kristen Nazarro

The vision to bring the unseen mental health brands to light for better reach and visibility is expressed through the logo’s yellow-orange or bright marigold hue.

The agency perfectly complements the royal blue and white with marigold. At the back of the profile headshot, a block of marigold fills the space just enough to boost the main element.

Justin Jenkins Designs did an awesome job in distributing this yellow-orange shade in the design. Aside from pouring this color on the right-most part of the logo, they also used it to fill the other two leaves in the center, the “THRIVE” text in the brand name and the circular accents in between the letters of the word “DIGITAL.”

In logo designing, choosing which color to add is not just based on feelings. Designers and brand strategists work together to come up with the right hues to represent the brand.

In the case of MindThrive Digital’s logo design, incorporating marigold exudes creativity, optimism and enlightenment.

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MindThrive Business Collateral

Neat and Simple Fonts Blend Well with Symbolic Elements in MindThrive Digital’s Logo Design

“MindThrive Digital” stands tall at the bottom part of the logo design, as brand colors royal blue and marigold yellow paint the brand name.

Amid all the elements used in this design, the simplicity used in styling the brand name text balances the entire logo design. Somehow, its straightforward sans serif typeface brings elegance to the whole look.

The agency’s decision to put the brand name at the bottom turned out perfectly — the texts and elements show great proportionality.

MindThrive Digital Logo Design Is Something To Remember for the Mental Health Niche

In a nutshell, Justin Jenkins Designs deserves this accolade for putting together the colors, symbolic elements and font style into one logo design that relays MindThrive Digital’s message and advocacy.

The use of blue and marigold yellow shades speaks to men and women across a wide range of age brackets, while the visual representations of mental healthcare easily grab the attention of the client’s target market: psychiatrists, teachers, mental health coaches and counselors.

This exemplifies how branding agencies can strategically employ color and visual elements to create designs that effectively resonate with the intended audience!

On top of that, the logo design is conveniently appropriate for several marketing collaterals such as banners, print, business cards and posters, making it a clear winner of the Best Design Award for March 2022. Make sure to check out our article on best logos 2022.

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