Function Engineering Innovative Logo Design

Engineers. They are the forgers of metal. The connectors of steel and concrete. The bolters. The builders of hydraulic dams and canals that split countries in two. They create the parts. They perform the equations. They create our world.

Function Engineering provides mechanical design and engineering for product development.

We are talking engineering everything from toaster ovens to robots.

Consumer electronics, computing, networking, medical, entertainment, transportation, and robotics.

Sagmeister Walsh created a logo and brand identity for Function Engineering that is simply ravishing.

Function Engineering Elegant Logo Design

The custom font looks as if Function engineered each letter from metal and the forging process.

Gray and black and white with circular bolts on each letter provide an astonishing take on the symbolism of engineering.

The circular bolts and color contrasting theme continues to the gear symbol which has a 3D visual look and pops out of the black background.

Great design is transparent. This logo looks as if it was forged from the Earth itself. It looks like it is a brand that creates products from science fiction and helped forge the human race forward into the 23rd century.

This is genius.

This is some sort of effortless steaming simplicity that is wrapped in bacon after you have been stranded on some sort of deserted island for seven years without wifi.

And whilst fighting off hunger you discover that true bliss exists as this mouthwatering cure for bland food has been not only created in their own toaster oven but delivered to you from the hand of the very Robot that function engineered.


Function Engineering Logo Design

This is design enlightenment.

The inner circle of the gear logo representing the continuous and endless process of design and improvement.

The process of innovation.

The idea that systems that are well designed are infinite and everlasting with consistent care and monitoring.

The mechanical and digital intertwine to give the user the perception that if they take their finger and poke a leg of a letter it will swivel back and forth on the circular bolt.

Bravo, Sagmeister Walsh. And Bravo to Function Engineering for birthing a company that contained the substance to inspire such creativity in design.

Function Engineering is an innovative logo design in the Engineering industry.