Wallace Whittle logo design by Launch Digital

The Company's Initials And Scotland’s Mountainous Landscape Are At The Heart Of Wallace Whittle's Logo

Wallace Whittle is one of the UK’s leading environmental building service consultancies based in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Their entire branding, including a new logo, was overhauled by Launch Digital, a digital marketing agency from Glasgow.

The company’s new logo consists of its initials designed as a continuous wave of sharp angles in orange. The name of the company in customized typeface is also present in the basic version of the logo.

For the new-look logo, the agency was inspired by Scotland’s mountainous terrain. Its design team applied a visual similarity between the silhouettes of mountain peaks and their client’s company initials.

The wavy, horizontal zig-zag pattern creates highs and lows in the logo, that are also reminiscent of city skylines made of buildings and skyscrapers. This, of course, is a direct nod to Wallace Whittle’s industry and expertise.

The resulting logo is an outcome of a joint effort between Launch Digital and Wallace Whittle: the engineering company provided input that helped yield a memorable and distinctive design.

Their guiding principles of excellence in engineering consultancy, technical skill and quality of service found their way into the solid and robust shape of the logo.

Wallace Whittle logo design

Strong Angles & An Engineering Legacy Make The Wallace Whittle Logo Disruptive & Unique

Both the logo design agency and their client hail from a country that has a longstanding engineering tradition and history.

The new Wallace Whittle logo reflects the values and heritage of their business as well as Scotland’s reputation for being engineering-savvy. The angular shape of the logo is another homage to their craft and a tribute to precise measurements and technical drawing.

This attention to detail, along with the practice of drawing inspiration from various sources, sets Wallace Whittle logo design apart from its industry counterparts, which typically opt for insipid and common imagery.

The daring and different branding was the foundation for the company’s 2021 relaunch and their new market positioning in an industry that arguably needs more differentiation and personalization.

Wallace Whittle logo

Wallace Whittle Logo’s Custom Typography Deserves A Special Recognition

Besides the orange WW, the logo also has a secondary element of the company’s name, although it’s not used in all logo iterations.

The name of Wallace Whittle is, according to the rules set in the company’s brand book, located just beneath the main logo. It comes in a light grey shade and uses custom typography that Launch Digital designed especially for this client.

The font of the unknown name is bold and solid. Some of the letters come with a pointy upper end — such as “a,” “l” and “t” — which is cut at the same angle as the sloping parts in the WW logo.

This forms a natural progression from the actual logo to the name of the company when the two appear together in some instances.

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Wallace Whittle Logo Is Seamlessly Applicable To A Wide Variety Of Media

Launch Digital helped Wallace Whittle with the launch of brand-new social media banners, press releases, brochures and other types of company media that include the brand logo.

Logo designers strive to create logos that not only capture the essence of a brand but also possess the versatility to be showcased in different media. 

The sheer simplicity and versatility of Wallace Whittle logo design make it easily applicable to a wide array of platforms and media.

From business cards over website favicons to billboards, this logo works in any environment, digital or print. The orange hue doesn’t vary even slightly on different platforms, be it screens or printed reports, and is consistent throughout.

Likewise, the convenient hue stands out well against dark and light backgrounds in equal measure.

Wallace Whittle logo design by Launch Digital agency

A Composition Of Simple Elements Makes Wallace Whittle Logo Design Memorable & Significant

Wallace Whittle logo design reflects the importance of the services the company provides and its orientation towards sustainability.

The agency behind the design, Launch Digital, found inspiration for the logo in the need for precision in the building and construction business. Its designers also borrowed stylistic hues from Scotland’s mountainous regions and the country’s engineering tradition.

Wallace Whittle’s logo is remarkably simple and straightforward, cleverly incorporating the company’s initials in the aforementioned concept. It's a notable example of branding experts' ability to distill complex ideas into a concise and memorable visual representation.

The accompanying typography complements the main logo by adopting the same angular approach and a discrete shade of light grey.

According to Launch Digital, Wallace Whittle’s reasoning behind their wish for a rebrand and the new logo design was the following:

“The team’s vision is to build on the businesses guiding principles of providing excellence in Engineering Consultancy, including technical skill, communication, innovation, quality of service, value and client satisfaction, and continue in their leading position today, as one of the UK’s leading providers of environmental building services solutions.”
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