You Can Do It logo design

You Can Do It Logo Design Demonstrates Angular Lines Reminiscent Of Old Pictograms

“You Can Do It” is an expression of resolve, willpower and strength of character - that is now turned into a logo.

Designed by James Kuzwa who was inspired by his own faith, the You Can Do It logo design expresses the determination, decisiveness and grit of this very assertive statement. It does so with a remarkably futuristic, boxy design.

The letters' angular shapes almost make them appear as pictograms and the original scripts of ancient civilizations’ languages. The familiar and well-accustomed Latin script letters appear almost otherworldly and unrecognizable thanks to the uniform design of each letter.

Finding the common ground and a design thread that would bind all of these letters together was a challenge that Kuzwa solved to a remarkable effect. Despite being rooted firmly in the past, the logo has a simultaneously futuristic feel to it.

By bridging the gap between yesteryear and tomorrow, this logo design is undoubtedly as future-proof as they come.

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You Can Do It logo design by James Kuzwa

The Unique Design Shows How A Logo Can Be Remodeled And Rearranged In Various Shapes

One of the qualities of the You Can Do It logo’s boxy design is that its elements (individual words) can be rearranged and remodeled in various shapes to produce the same message, fit for different environments.

For example, one version of the logo has the word “can” on a much smaller scale compared to other words. They are all in one line and the resulting logo shape resembles the shape of a gym weight.

The other version has the word “can” above the much larger “do it”, resulting in a sturdy, compact design.

Much like a jigsaw, the logo’s constituents are rearrangeable to produce a logo design that can be readjusted for different purposes. Another outcome of this quality is that the logo always appears fresh and new.

You Can Do It logo by James Kuzwa

The Logo’s Abstract Nature Effectively Adds An Air Of Mystery

Part pictogram, part minimalist dream, You Can Do It Logo design is all mystery. The abstract nature of this logo design, its dualistic character – rising from both past and future – makes it appear almost alien.

This, of course, lends a dash of mystery and enigma to it. The general audience, used to seeing highly legible, minimalist logos or very simple, one-line branding solutions, will surely find this one a much tougher nut to crack.

And although it may appear inaccessible at first, the eyes (and the mind) get accustomed to it quite quickly. We are looking for patterns that we cannot initially comprehend, but once we find them, the object of observance becomes part of our memory and psyche.

Kuzwa’s approach to finding the common visual denominator for every letter paid off: the patterns are there, in a unique but uniform design that, from afar, looks like a maze that is waiting to be deciphered.

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You Can Do It logo

You Can Do It Logo Design Proves To Be Usable Across The Board

Owing to its 2D, linear features, the You Can Do It logo design is widely applicable and consistent on different mediums and platforms.

Some of the uses for this potential logo are shown on Kuzma’s Behance page: from a street sign and wall installation to business cards and mobile apps. The logo looks at home on all these platforms and mediums, both online and offline.

Besides the rudimentary simplistic design, the reason why this logo design is such a success in different environments is the fact it can be rearranged. The words’ ability to fit in various ways means that the logo doesn’t depend on the size or the shape of the surface/background it is on.

You Can Do It by James Kuzwa

You Can Do It Logo Design Is Remarkably Versatile While Being Otherworldly

With the You Can Do It logo, the designer James Kuzwa has accomplished a rare feat: he reconciled the past and the future with a design that can be fully appreciated for what it is in the present.

While being quite legible and understandable (albeit, after a short period of adapting to the letter’s unusual shapes), the logo is also very much alien and hyper-futuristic in its appearance. It is easy to interpret the logo as a picture, an image, rather than a set of words.

These multiple dual characters – past vs future; familiarity vs strangeness; image vs words – are what make this logo design so unique. The logo’s worth is in the intellectual process that preceded it as much as it is in its appearance.

For all of these reasons and the unique potential the logo presents, the You Can Do It logo design garnered our Best Design Award.

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