Glow Flow Chefs Sleek Packaging Design

Glow Flow Chefs is a website that gives consumers meticulously crafted products and advise that improves their lives and reminds us that we are empowered to make choices that regain our confidence and become magnets of love and abundance. The company was founded by Amy and Emily, two sisters that are health and wellness coaches.

Menta, a design studio based in Mexico, created the identity system and product packaging. And they didn’t disappoint.

Three light brown packages contain easy-to-remove tops and are ziplocked. Each product has a simple color coded sticker on the bottom. Instant Maatcha Latte is light green, while Instant Cacao and Tumeric are red and yellow, respectively.

Glow Flow Chefs Sleek Logo Design

An elegant bronze and gold metallic logo literally glows from the background. A swirly insignia captures the peace and flow of improving your life with harmony and abundance. The logo lines flow with the text and one can see that peaceful spacing between the letters, like taking a big breath in meditation or yoga.

Glow Flow Chefs Print Design

The soothing labeling describes the ingredients and herbs that create an energizing latte abundant with antioxidant qualities to improve your health and wellbeing.

Glow Flow Chefs Print Design

The bliss blend promises the foundation of pure bliss with organic super foods and tonic herbs that will delight taste buds for a latte that is nothing short of transformational.

Glow Flow Chefs Print Design

The healing blend describes a latte that is anti-inflammatory, reducing swelling and pain.

All the labels correspond with color to their appropriate purpose. The circle logo design at the top contains the signature flowing lines. Spacing between the font and lettering by Menta is perfect for the simple, stress-free products of Glow Flow Chefs.

This packaging design uses peaceful colors and tranquil fonts with flowing line symbols to represent Glow Flow Chefs as a life-enhancing brand that empowers their customers across the globe.

Glow Flow Chefs is a sleek package design in the Food & Beverage and Sports & Leisure industries. 

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