Knuthenlund Clean Packaging Design

This is another great design from Wunsch. This packaging is for Knuthenlund, who has a production of organic farming, livestock, and vegetables They deliver amazing taste experiences and produce to top restaurants in Denmark.

This flour package is very earthy and old school. These days, we look for innovation and making products appear different or better looking. This is a great example of taking inspiration from history and making it modern. This design is minimal, and represents the organic, handmade features well. The colors are muted and simple -- just plain brown with an even lighter brown label and packed in natural paper. The typography is very traditional and has an additional small illustration of a slalk, which creates a perfect combination.


Knuthenlund Simple Packaging Design

Overall, this packaging fits this product perfectly, showing its history and quality with ease. 

Knuthenlund Packaging Design

On the top of the package, there are really cute yarn stitches, which gives even more of a vintage look.  

Knuthenlund is a simple packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry.