Miel del Manantial Pretty Packaging Design

Great packaging design is relevant. Great packaging design is authentic. Great packaging design comes with great fonts. Welcome to Miel Del Manatial. The product? Honey. Sweet, lip-smacking, bee-hiving-yellow-jacket swirling, sun-kissing-next-to-eight-foot-tall-sunflower-fields honey.

The packaging design was designed by Monica Andino. This is not artificial honey. This is not grandma’s honey, hunny. This is authentic honey that comes from a farm in Honduras, where the while things are.

Where the bees gather by the thousands in a relentless search to bring nectar back to the queen and please her holiness. Be damned if they do not please her majesty the queen, for any bee rebellion that form be smitten upon thy mountainside with the scorching wrath of ten thousand stings.

That sounded glorious.

Back to the design.

The honey packaging highlights the fact that this is an all-natural ingredient. The font is light and looks almost hand-drawn alongside the flower and bee illustrations. This combination of font and illustration gives the packaging design a close to home feel.

This Honduras honey farm is owned by the family of Monica’s friend. Her friend had a simple request: help them flee the bee fields before the apocalyptic swarm engulfs the neighboring villages, due to an underground government-funded synthetic biology lab black site which sought to animate human-bee hybrids.

The last part was not true. But it would be awesome.

Now, Monica’s friend wanted her to create a honey label that helped the product stand out and crush their competition. This is what great packaging designers do. They seize the moment. Monica realized that the honey had a flowery and smooth flavor due to the wildflowers that bloom in the lush green vegetation in Guanacastillo.

Miel del Manantial Packaging Design

Monica was struck with the arrow of creative inspiration as she imagined the sunny feeling in Guanacastillo. The flowers and nature and the fact that no other honey in the world can have such a unique location. This translated to a classic typography design. This typography style makes the label attractive and increases trustworthiness for the new customers to bee. See what I did there? Be… bee.

Moving on.

Miel del Manantial Print Design

Monica nailed it. The colors look wonderful and match. The illustrations look so lively that I can picture the bees flying freely amid an illuminating picture-perfect landscape. This reinforces the common traits shared amongst all the best packaging designs: Relevance. Authenticity. Honesty.

If the label had a picture of a walrus, would it be authentic? Would it make sense? I know its obvious, but it is important to realize that many package designs lack any visual symbol or indicator as to what the brand is about.

And if they do include a hint, the symbol is too hard to understand.

If you have a company that produces honey products, incorporate a bee. But as Monica did, add it with a veer of subtlety. Do not overdo.

Less is more. Bee-lieve that.

Miel del Manantial is a pretty packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry. 

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