Milele Packaging Design

Standout Features:

  • Elephant illustration
  • Different colors for product variation
  • Legible typography

Milele's packaging design combines functionality with appealing aesthetics. Yeti Design Studio's use of an elephant as the main illustration is strategic and creative. It contributes to the brand's storytelling and makes the packaging stand out. This elephant illustration also adds a playful and approachable impression to the product, making it appealing to children.

The agency used distinct colors to differentiate the products: red, yellow, and violet. This strategy makes it easy for consumers to find them on store shelves. Additionally, the straightforward typography ensures that the product communicates effectively with its audience, balancing visual appeal with practicality.

The product information is presented in clear, readable text, so all essential details like age suitability and nutritional content are easily accessible to parents and caregivers.

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