Rubedo Concept Great Packaging Design

This is a concept design developed by Stefan Andries. This hot sauce, Rubedo, is based on the idea of "redness" (rubedo in latin) and the idea of magnificent work developed by alchemists. 

Rubedo Concept Awesome Packaging Design

The shape of the bottle is unique: Consumers feel like the product has come straight from the science labs and testing that perfects the taste.


Rubedo Concept Development Porcess

The overall design of this hot sauce is consistent, on-brand, and incredibly strong. 

Rubedo Concept Clean Packaging Design

The blurriness of the glass creates a sense of heat attempting to escape, which adds to the characteristic of the product. 


Rubedo Concept Packaging Design

The design goes a step further with the addition of water, fire, sun, and earth icons to both to the package sealer, the little ribbon on the bottle, and even the pattern inside the box across the red interior. 

Rubedo Concept is an awesome packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry.