The Changer Elegant Package Design

This beautiful mulled wine syrup packaging was designed by Make Bardo studio, based in New Zealand. They created this disruptive concept of a torn paper to mimic a tearing a present to reveal a gift — something exciting and new. This concept also allows them to develop a unique brand personality, which is important for a new company when determining a direction for the brand. 

The Changer Clean Package Design

The copper foil emphasizes this concept of a torn paper very well, but also looks very elegant and sophisticated. The typography is vey modern and simple, and the sides have small text giving the consumer more information about the product. The bottle itself has the same concept as packaging. At the top, consumers can see the actual color of the wine, which is similar — and quite complimentary to — to the copper foil.

The Changer Package Design

The color palette is very minimal — the main colors are copper and black, and they are found mainly on white backgrounds. Even though it’s simple, it gives a feeling of luxury and a high-end product.

This wine packaging is unique. In fact, it's refreshing to see different design concepts for everyday products. Copper foil elevates this product, allowing it to be placed among other high-end products on a shelves.

The Changer is a stunning package design in the Food & Beverage industry.