Vibes Earphones Concept Great Packaging Design

This conceptual project from Greece-based designer Adamantia Chatzivasileiou makes music an interesting theme for consumers to explore.


Vibes Earphones Concept Awesome Packaging Design


Adamantia used the area of the eyes to place the earphones and the mouth to place the earphone's cord, which lets the buyer continue using the package as a storage box.

Vibes Earphones Concept Dark Packaging Design

This specific packaging allows indivuduals to express themselves through more than just the product, but through the unique and innovative packaging too!


Vibes Earphones Concept Playful Packaging Design

Users who enjoy hip-hop are able to purchase a Snoop Dogg package, and users who listen to rock back purchase Mick Jagger.


Vibes Earphones Concept Packaging Design

While this packaging makes no actual difference to the literal product, it increases engagement with consumers by creating items they feel are "specially made for them."

Vibes Earphones Concept is a fun packaging design in the Entertainment and Technology industries.