Chaos Fashion (slide 1)

Who says you can’t accessorize like a movie star?

Chaos Fashion focuses on exquisite and luxurious phone skins, charms, and tags fit for ladies who want to accessorize like famous celebrities, lavish supermodels, or red-carpet-ready actresses. In a bold move to stand out against competitors, Chaos Fashion tosses out the ideas of basic boxes and plain packaging, replacing them with gorgeous little books as their product containers. The method is effective in amplifying the ways in which Chaos Fashion stands out on the market.


Chaos Fashion (slide 2)

Complete with a binding, faux page edgings, and a front and back cover, these little boxes truly appear to be books when perceived with unknowing eyes. With their book-like formats, each packaging piece is able to stand up on its own when placed on a flat surface. Inlaid with gold font, each “book” is simply labeled with the word, “Chaos,” and the company’s golden, shiny logo.

The brand has made a name for itself simply through their unique packaging; they do not need anything else to draw in their consumers. Buyers know what Chaos Fashion is, they know the product the company makes, and they know they want to own at least one of Chaos Fashion’s impressive designs for their personal collection.

Chaos Fashion (slide 3)

Chaos Fashion utilizes a combination of three sleek and defined colors: Tiffany blue, forest green, and bubblegum pink. The colors are soft and feminine, speaking directly to the ladies who typically buy their product.

Phone cases employ a larger book box in a velvety forest green coloring, with a pink edging and a pillow of Tiffany blue to hold the product snugly inside the inside cutout. Charms and tags, on the other hand, are housed in stunning Tiffany blue boxes with forest green edging and a cushion of bubblegum pink. The boxes for the charms and tags even come with their own cute little bookmark that hangs out the bottom of the box, further enhancing Chaos Fashion’s choice to mimic a book in appearance.

The elegant packaging only makes the gorgeous products on the inside all the more desirable, as the colors contrast and draw the consumer’s interest.

Chaos Fashion is a minimal packaging design in the E-commerce & Retail, Fashion & Beauty and Technology industries.