Lumi Awesome Packaging Design

When was the last time you thought about the packaging of the lights you bought? Most people simply buy the cheapest bulb on the shelf to replace their burnt-out light at home. Now you understand the challenge faced by the designers working with Lumi.

Lumi Great Packaging Design

The packaging for Lumi is very clean and bold. The dark box is complemented by bright colors. One of the most interesting uses of color is on the inside of the box. Most people who open a box will have already purchased the light. Lumi could have easily left the internal design a flat white, but instead they show that they care about every aspect of the packaging. Opening the box to a bright yellow color almost feels like opening darkness to the color within. The light isn’t even installed, but it already feels like it has brightened the room.

Lumi Sleek Packaging Design

Other palettes are used for various Lumi products. The use of color makes it very easy for consumers to distinguish between the various offerings from Lumi. The dark packaging allows the bright colors to clearly stand out, as well. From the side view, nothing is more visible than the Lumi logo. The bold, white typography is accentuated against the rest of the packaging.

Lumi Packaging Design

The colors on Lumi’s packaging do more than just differentiate between their various offerings. For example, customers can see the color temperature just by looking at the box. For a cool light, reach for gray package. For a warmer light, go for orange.

With their packaging, Lumi has shown that a beautiful, eye-catching design doesn’t have to be complicated. Bright colors jump out against a black background and demand your attention. Obviously, the bright colors on the box have nothing to do with the product itself, but you can’t help but feel like the Lumi lights are somehow a little brighter, simply because of their packaging.

Lumi is a fantastic packaging design in the Manufacturing and Technology industries.