BeFibre’s Print Design

BeFibre’s Print Design Resonates With Audiences Through Dynamic Layout

With so many internet service providers offering lofty promises of high-speed connection at affordable prices but ultimately failing to commit, BeFibre wants to emerge as a brand that delivers its promises.

The company understands the market's frustrations about unreliable internet services. That said, they knew standing out in a saturated market and getting consumers to trust them would be a challenge.

It is where the design experts at The Bigger Boat came in. They helped BeFibre establish a robust brand identity that resonates with its target audience. The strategy includes a series of vibrant and dynamic print designs with witty catchphrases and legible typography that advertise the brand and its services.

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The Energetic Color Story Used in BeFibre’s Print Design Sparks Movement and Flair

One of the standout design features in BeFibre's print design is the vibrant and refreshing color scheme. With various colors that contrast yet complement each other, the designs look like art posters at first glance.

The agency mostly used orange, red, yellow, and peach, while other designs have touches of blue and green.

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Deep diving into the colors used, the agency certainly elevated the brand's message.

For example, red is a powerful color often linked to energy, passion, and action. The agency's decision to include this in the design reflects the brand's passion for providing high-quality internet services.

Yellow, on the other hand, mirrors the company's optimistic outlook for the future of internet provision and its innovative approach to its services.

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BeFibre’s Print Design Uses Witty Catchphrases Appealing to Target Audiences

BeFibre, aiming to differentiate from competitors, opted for simplicity over flowery language.

The brand's catchphrase, "Broadband without the bull," cleverly communicates its commitment to providing straightforward, reliable internet service without misleading claims or complications.

The phrase's humor resonates with the target audience, adding a touch of relatability and charm. At the same time, it underscores a strong promise of quality and honesty, distinguishing BeFibre from competitors who may need to deliver on their promises.

The agency used bold sans-serif font to double down on the tagline's meaning. Many professional print designers opt for this style to convey reliability and professionalism.

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The Bigger Boat Provides BeFibre a Standout Image Through Print Design

The Bigger Boat demonstrated a masterful use of print design to create a distinctive and memorable brand identity for BeFibre. Their strategic use of vibrant colors, specifically red and yellow, highlighted BeFibre's top-notch services.

The harmonious interplay of colors, fonts, and content across various print materials, from out-of-home advertising to paid social ads, ensured a consistent and compelling brand image.

Indeed, The Bigger Boat succeeded in creating a thoughtful and cohesive print design strategy that sets BeFibre apart in a competitive market.

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