D8 Magazine Vol. Six Creative Print Design

The best print designs capture attention quickly with bold colors and catchy copy. They strike us with captivation, forcing us to engage and take a closer look.

D8 is a Glasgow-based creative agency that releases their stunning visual magazine titled D8 Magazine. The first thing to take note of is the gorgeous imagery and big bold creative copy.

The copy in the above picture is large and bright yellow. It serves the purpose of capturing the readers' attention with an important message noting that they moved.

D8 Magazine Vol. Six Gorgeous Print Design

The photography D8 features is gorgeous. High-resolution images are crystal clear and encourage reader interaction.

This is how you get people to stay on the page. The photos are thoughtful and creative, using hints of contrasting color and coordination to produce an effective image.

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D8 Magazine Vol. Six Creative Print Design

The magazine combines illustrations with text in a wonderful marriage. The font is small and does not take up a whole page. The reader is instead invited to digest a small amount of text and engage their imagination with big illustrations that accompany the writing.


D8 Magazine Vol. Six Fun Print Design

Color contrasting with opposite hues acts as a magnifying glass of enhanced reflection for attention. It shines a spotlight across a large medium to help the reader’s eyes move across the entire design -- whether it is a magazine, billboard, poster or package design.

D8 Magazine Vol. Six Great Print Design

The stunning copy is again on display in this open view of the magazine. The D8 is huge and bold. It provides for a burst of creative branding that announces proudly who the magazine is and what they do. The yellow works extremely well with the dark gray font and is a stellar example of color contrasting.

The goal of effective print design is to capture readers' attention and keep it there for as long as possible. If D8 chose to use small font for their copy, it would be boring and more difficult to comprehend. 

The use of effective copy ignites the imagination, but more importantly, also speaks directly to the reader. It is like the text is a human and the reader can interpret the message in a clear and concise manner.

D8 Magazine Vol. Six Print Design

Here is another example of stunning color contrasting. The purple and yellow offset each other to create a visual spectacle of storytelling. These are colors not often seen in nature, so our brains are engaged as we ask ourselves questions relating to the image.

D8 magazine is a truly inventive print design. Stunning, bright and bold creative copy combined with color contrasting produce maximum engagement and high visibility.

D8 Magazine Vol. Six is a creative print design in the Arts & Recreation, Entertainment and Professional Services industries.

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