La Métropole Parisienne Awesome Print Design

The Paris Métropole represents hundreds of communities, municipalities, departments, and regions that have gathered together to find answers to social, economic, environmental issues of their shared territory. The purpose of the designs was to serve as a visual identity for all of the gathered territories, their skills, and their interests. Graphéine set about creating the designs which would be displayed through a series of materials including business cards, pamphlets, reports, banners, posters, notebooks, and more.

La Métropole Parisienne Colorful Print Design

At the heart of the designs are the colors used to articulate the diversity of the area. The bright, vibrant, and emotive culture is represented by a series of dramatic colors such as orange, yellow, blue, green, purple and pink. Rather than combining these colors in a way that offer contrast, the designs let the gradients complement each other. This adds to a tender blending effect, and it seems to represent a merging of similar minded people with common beliefs. 

La Métropole Parisienne Beautiful Print Design

The designs use an interesting stamp effect which is repeated on top of itself. The high transparency of these ‘stamps’ adds an element of purity to the designs, which is soothing, and subtle. The aspects of white throughout the design only further this, adding a much needed calming effect to what could have ended up as overpowering blasts of color.

La Métropole Parisienne Print Design

Although these shapes might look like they have been randomly placed, they are in actual fact a representation of the region of the Paris Métropole, with the constituencies and territories being pinpointed by crosses (x) on top of the designs. This literally places the region at the heart of the designs and ultimately, unites everyone in the metropolis under the one banner.

As a whole, these print designs are refreshing and modern, yet they clearly hold a deeper purpose. The detail that went into the designs is clear, and the effect of blending similar colors throughout is compelling, to say the least.

La Métropole Parisienne is an awesome print design in the Non-Profit and Travel industries.