A Poster Every Day by Magdiel Lopez Colorful Print Design

Texas-based designer Magdiel Lopez is currently challenging himself with this fantastic self-initiated personal project focused on creating one poster a day for an entire year. Magdiel's passion for excellence and creativity show in his artwork. The year-long experimental design project has gained him notoriety from respected publications across the globe.

A Poster Every Day by Magdiel Lopez Gorgeous Print Design

The posters designed by Magdiel all have a grungy yet artsy feel to them, with appealing color tones. The posters are printed in sequential order, with the top right corner of each poster indicating the poster-count. They are all evocative of culture, art, and self-expression, while heavily focusing on design and aesthetics.

Most of the posters focus on human features, like faces and bodies, with a specific emphasis on eyes and expressions. Magdiel does not reveal the entire face, and instead lets the artwork of the poster do the talking. The color schemes are all hues of complementing colors like orange, purple, and red. Combined, they provide an excellent contrast, while creating a visually very appealing effect. The human element used significantly adds to the design of the posters, making them attractive and eye-catching.

A Poster Every Day by Magdiel Lopez Stunning Print Design

Magdiel also successfully uses elements like shape and space in his print designs. The figures used in his posters don’t detract attention away from the design, but instead enhance and beautify it. There is also a heavy focus on natural imagery, like mountains, the sun, water, animals, and flowers. The posters have a fun, emotive, futuristic, and artsy vibe to them, ensuring that they cater to a large audience. Each of the posters features an engaging and attractive color combination, and the posters with text have fonts that are well-spaced and easy to read.  

A Poster Every Day by Magdiel Lopez Print Design

Overall, Magdiel does a great job with the print design of his posters. The content is engaging and eye-catching, and elements like shape, space, contrast, and line have been used effectively to create a well-balanced and appealing look for each poster.

A Poster Every Day by Magdiel Lopez is a stunning print design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.