Boundless Business Cards Contemporary Print Design

London-based designer Ricky Richards was given a challenge to “create the best agency business cards you’ve ever seen, and make sure they’re boundless.” Richards went about researching all kinds of traditional business cards, wanting to attempt to defy convention. What instantly stood out to him about traditional business cards was the formulaic approach used: traditional typography with rigid grids and minimal information. He found that most business cards and letterheads, while intended to build connections, hardly ever end up doing so.

Richards wanted to prove that, if done the right way, business cards could still be a great way to build connections. The result is a bunch of unique, eye-catching, and memorable business cards.

Boundless Business Cards Dark Print Design

Each card design has been crafted by hand to represent each individual personality. The cards are regular rectangle-shaped, but have a stunning contrast of charcoal black and pearl white. The font used is in white, curvy yet delicate, and complementing the black background brilliantly. It is well-spaced and towards the heavier size, but very easy to read and visually appealing. The written text also contains contact information in a smaller white font, and clearly attention has been paid to assigning weightage to the different levels of text.

Boundless Business Cards Print Design

What makes the cards stand out even more is that each card contains a personal story about the person to whom it belongs, making it truly unique and personable. The design makes it easy for people to build connections by simply ensuring that there is something memorable on their business cards. These personal stories were included in the print design in order to make future clients feel confident. It was also intended to indicate that the agency paid attention to detail and focuses on building lasting relationships. In this way, the design created was truly boundless.

In all, these business cards are a great example of print design, as they manage to engage with the audience as well as stand out.

Boundless Business Cards is a contemporary print design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.