Meet Gboard

We have all been there… Fighting with the virtual keyboard on your smartphone to make it do exactly what you want it to do. Or, jumping back and forth between apps to get a single task done. It’s no way to live in this current age of smartphones.

Luckily, GBoard is here to save the day. It’s the smart keyboard from Google that promises to make many common tasks on smartphones easier. The video showing off GBoard is sleek and clean. The white background is accented with illustrated arrows that help emphasize the frustration of moving between apps.

Colorful gifs, exciting videos, and close-up shots of hands operating the smartphone make the video feel quick and exciting. After all, GBoard is meant to make all of your tasks feel quick so the promotional video should match that.

After watching the video, if you aren’t swearing off your current keyboard and switching to GBoard then you may have been watching the wrong video. It’s that awesome.

GBoard is an amazing demo video.

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