Klyne 'Lend me another name' (Director's Cut)

“Lend Me Another Name” is a dark, aquatic video for a lush, slow-tempo electronica song. The first images are of a woman sitting or lying in the center of a shallow, dark pool interspersed with closeups of an undulating octopus. There are also a few shots of what appear to be a model of a human heart covered in white paint.

On a closer look at the woman, we discover that her skin is covered in silver glitter paint and she wears red glitter lipstick. She eats a small heart-shaped jelly candy. The painted heart beats and zoom in on the surface of the pool, from where bubbles erupt. Ghostly blue light is reflected in the water. The woman begins to make sharp movements and, strangely, white paint spills from glittering lips. We zoom out to see that the woman has begun to make acrobatic poses. The heart and the octopus appear within the continuous rotation. The heart begins to sprout matching white cords. The woman’s movements begin to mimic those of the octopus. The white cords grow out into branches and an octopus arm drapes itself over the woman’s collarbone. The pieces of the story are coming together now. The white paint has resolved itself into a network creating the form of a human body, with the heart at the center of the chest. A brain can also be detected. The octopus begins to squirt, not black ink, but white paint, and a woman’s face emerges from the surface of the paint. Blue and red speckles cover her face and her irises are pure white around black pupils. She looks around in bemusement and begins recreating the contortionist poses, walking on all fours from a back bend position. The credits are accompanied by the sound of dripping water and we leave on the image of the woman in the pool as she was in the beginning.

Klyne’s “Lend Me Another Name,” directed by Alan Masferrer is an eerie underwater fantasy about transformation. The images are unexpected and constantly evolving. Elements that seem separate come together to form a story about a water creature becoming a human in an experience that is edgy and a bit avant-garde.

"Lend Me Another Name" by Klyne is a beautiful animation and commercial video.