7 Best Food Commercials That Feed Your Hunger

7 Best Food Commercials That Feed Your Hunger
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: January 13, 2023

Creating an effective commercial video can be a tough nut to crack. A brand only has a short amount of time to sell an offer, and we all know every second counts.

It’s an even more significant challenge for brands in the food and restaurant industries because of fierce competition where everyone is fighting for attention.

Through mouth-watering visuals, satisfying sounds, and delicious storytelling, the best video production companies create mouth-watering food commercials that effortlessly capture customers' attention, hold their gaze, and stimulate their hunger.

Curious to see how that works?

Feast your eyes on these fantastic food commercial examples that push the limits of advertising to wow a hungry crowd. We’ve cherry-picked the best food commercials that have packed a lot of exciting and creative ideas in a quick video sequence.

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1. FABRIKA - Crafted Pasta by Popotam Productions

Standout Features:

  • Enticing step-by-step food preparation
  • Varied motion speeds
  • Uplifting and inviting background music

A lot goes into crafting the perfect pasta – from kneading the dough to putting together the most delicious pasta sauce.

In this food commercial for FABRIKA by Popotam Productions, we see the beauty of cooking the brand’s rich and delectable crafted pasta from scratch. And we love every second of it!

Each frame showcases the heart and soul of this dish: the ingredients. Shot in close-up angles with high contrast, watching the pieces of this dish come together is mesmerizing.

What made them even more appetizing was the variation in movements and speed. The producers used stop motion to add a visual flare to the sequence. They also applied fast and slow motion to some scenes, adding more drama to the commercial.

In just over 60 seconds, the video showcased the intricate process of preparing FABRIKA’s famous crafted pasta. Even better, the ingredients did all the talking!

2. Come Together Burger King by Steve Romano

Standout Features:

  • Humorous yet impactful video concept
  • Split-screen scenes
  • Dynamic video choreography

When powerful visuals meet electrifying music, audiences get an out-of-this-world viewing experience worth repeating.

That’s the kind of audio-visual treat this ad for Burger King offers. Steve Romano did a marvelous job here – so much so that we cannot help but watch this video repeatedly.

Using an iconic rock song as background music to one of the most popular foods in the world creates that instant hook. Come Together is a timeless track, bringing nostalgia and setting the mood in this video commercial.

It also tells a story.

As the music says, the ingredients are coming together to form the perfect burger at the end. In as short as 30 seconds, each ingredient got its moment to shine. The designer also injected split-screen shots to add more visual variation.

They masterfully executed food choreography, motion, and visual effects to bring the food to life. And it all came together most beautifully!

3. Bereket Doner Macro by Kuresel Production

Standout Features:

  • Sharp close-up shots
  • Entertaining product animation
  • Dark background for subject emphasis

Something is captivating about macro shots, especially when food is the subject. Seeing something up close and peeking into the little details are so visually satisfying that you can’t look away.

When a commercial can hold the viewer’s gaze, you know it’s a success. And Bereket Doner’s ad is a great example!

Kuresel Productions took the best things about the dish and showcased them individually, frame-by-frame, from a macro perspective. They used product animation to bring all the ingredients to life, each with a unique choreography that made the entire sequence very inviting. (Explore the best animated videos here)

They also played with various motion speeds to invoke a certain feeling. The slow camera panning is almost hypnotic, and the sharp scene cuts add thrill and excitement. It’s the perfect visual pairing to match the electronic and upbeat background music.

Using a dark backdrop for the setup is also a wise move! It made the colors pop and extra vibrant, driving the focus ultimately into the visuals.

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4. Terra Mia Restaurant by USI Media

Standout Features:

  • Simple yet inviting voiceover
  • Slow-paced video sequence
  • Romantic instrumental background music

Restaurant advertising doesn’t just focus on the food; it also showcases the gastronomic experience the place offers. Terra Mia Restaurant did that quite well with this one of the best food ads created by USI Media.

In just 30 seconds, the video gives viewers a taste of the Terra Mia Restaurant experience by showing what’s it like to dine in the place. And it’s not just a preview; it’s the whole experience!

The video sequence revolves around two guests enjoying all the restaurant's offers. As the scenes unfold, a narrator communicates what customers can expect when they enter the establishment. From the authentic Italian food and limited-time menu to the fine wine options, the audio entices you to “let your palette dance to mouth-watering flavors.”

And speaking of audio, the romantic guitar instrumental in the background sets a warm, charming, and pleasing vibe that matches the restaurant’s ambiance very well. Together with the smooth camera panning and slow-paced movement, the Terra Mia atmosphere is simply enchanting!

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5. Heinz - Steak Brochettes by End Frame Productions

Standout Features:

  • Interesting how-to video
  • Strategic product placement
  • Diversified shot styles and b-rolls

Soft selling can do wonders for your product, especially when we’re talking about best food commercials. Some customers prefer a more subtle and friendly approach – like watching a professional chef put together an A+ dish while casually making the product shine.

That’s what End Frame Productions did with their ad for the Heinz brand. They went with video content that casual viewers could resonate with; a quick tutorial on how to cook the perfect Steak Brochettes.

The 2-minute video features a renowned chef preparing the dish using Heinz Seriously Good Mayonnaise as the vital ingredient. It’s informative and entertaining and has massive sales value because of its smart product placement.

Several frames are dedicated to showcasing the product and how it can elevate food taste. They also come in numerous shot styles, adding remarkable variation in visuals.

It effectively shows how a simple and widely accessible ingredient can create a fancy and exceptional dish such as Steak Brochettes.

6. Burger King - Cheddar King by Apple Pie Tabletop Studio

Standout Features:

  • Multiple POV shots
  • Quick and snappy transitions
  • Persuasive commercial voiceover

Fast food chains are particularly competitive regarding food commercials, and Burger King has once again proved that it reigns supreme with its mouthwatering 20-second ad produced by Apple Pie Tabletop Studio.

Like the main character in the video, we are wholly bewitched by the presentation of BK’s new item on the menu: the Cheddar King.

Its cheesy goodness is simply irresistible – the way it melts into the sizzling patties on the grill, how it oozes out of the burger with each bite, and that satisfying cheese pull. Feel hungry yet?

It also helps that most of the scenes were shot from the subject and the audience’s point of view. It gives the viewer a more realistic and immersive visual experience to stimulate hunger throughout the sequence.

The quick shifting of POVs and swift transitions made the video exciting. It enabled the designers to pack as many captivating visuals as possible to maximize the short and limited commercial airtime.

7. EGESZSEGKONYHA by Tom Gomor Pictures

Standout Features:

  • All-natural visuals
  • Products shot from a macro perspective
  • Funky and upbeat background music

Offering a wide selection of healthy options, EGESZSEGKONYHA is Hungary’s go-to brand for single-dish meals with the convenience of home delivery.

Watch this food commercial directed and edited by Tom Gomor Pictures, and you’ll see just how fresh, crisp, and high-quality their products are!

Much like their food items, the commercial’s visuals are all-natural.

The products are stripped of any enhancements, filters, and effects to showcase their raw and unprocessed beauty. It delivers the brand’s promise that consumers can enjoy delicious food without worrying about preservatives and extra calories.

The commercial also delivers another clear selling point – what you see is what you get. Every food item is shot from a macro perspective, which gives audiences a good look into each product’s quality. The scenes are filmed in extreme close-ups, highlighting all those little details.

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