15 Best Facebook Video Ad Examples Of 2023

15 Best Facebook Video Ad Examples Of 2023
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Last Updated: May 13, 2023

In this article article, we'll explore the many benefits of utilizing video marketing ads and content for Facebook specifically.

From gaining insight into some of the best examples of video ads and creating engaging video designs to outsourcing expert social media marketing firms to help you reach your goals, we've got you covered. 

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Top 15 Facebook Video Ad Examples

  1. Ultimate Ears’ Customizable Speakers
  2. L’ange’s Celebrate Your Hair
  3. HP Canada’s Elite Dragonfly Ad
  4. Uncle Ben’s Canada Around The World Recipes
  5. Cafe Appliances’ Customization Ad
  6. Lenovo’s Smarter Healthcare Ad
  7. Kleenex’s Ultra Soft Ad
  8. StubHub’s Find Your Seat
  9. Squarespace’s Help Mask-Match.com
  10. Spotify
  11. Airbnb
  12. Sephora
  13. Mailchimp
  14. Grammarly
  15. Oreo Thins

This list consists of Facebook video ad examples from 2023 that are successful, creative, provide immediate value to consumers and are optimized for mobile users, who make up the majority of video viewers.

1. Ultimate Ears’ Customizable Speakers

The best Facebook video ad is "Ultimate Ears’ Customizable Speakers add. This is our editors' pick because it contains a lot of attention-grabbing visuals. Clocking at only 15 seconds, Ultimate Ears’ ad for customizable Boom3 speakers features a myriad of colors and templates for customizing this product, along with eye-grabbing visuals and a copy containing concise value propositions.

Why it works: This is an example of a video ad that is packed with factors that grab viewers’ attention. In addition to showcasing flamboyant visuals and an “earworm” musical element, this video clearly communicates what it’s about and makes an attractive case for why people should care: it’s a product that embraces their personality. 

2. L’ange’s Celebrate Your Hair

Two models, pastel hues, minimalistic music and nine seconds is enough for the hair-care product creator L’ange to deliver its message across to its target audience: celebrate your hair. 

Why it works: Not ostentatious in any way, this video ad is concise and does not need sound to deliver its message. Users can absorb it as they scroll through their feeds and listen to something else entirely. The value proposition the company makes is inviting consumers to make the most of their sales while it lasts.

3. HP Canada’s Elite Dragonfly Ad

HP’s Elite Dragonfly is advertised as “the world’s lightest compact business convertible” laptop. To show for it, in just six seconds, a dynamic ad depicts a woman holding this piece of hardware flying through the rooftops, followed by the tagline “Lighter than air.”

Why it works: The ad begins, delivers its point and ends before Facebook users can even scroll past it. It’s super concise and to the point, and doesn’t even need sound to deliver its message. 

4. Uncle Ben’s Canada Around The World Recipes

Sporting recognizable brand colors, this ad from Uncle Ben’s Canada focuses on exploring different culinary cultures and showcases several rice recipes from the region of Indochina.

Why it works: The ad’s focal points are value propositions emphasizing that the product uses no artificial colors, artificial flavors or preservatives. The simple video shows several delectable-looking dishes against minimal backdrops and includes a discrete soundtrack.

5. Cafe Appliances’ Customization Ad

This slick fifteen-second video ad promotes Cafe Appliance’s line of customizable kitchen appliances. Visually uniform, it underlines the hard-hitting message of “It’s time appliances had personality. Yours.” 

Why it works: Clever messaging that focuses on the consumer creates an emotional response. The messaging is all part of the video, with no voiceover whatsoever, making this ad another video suitable for watching with the sound off. 

6. Lenovo’s Smarter Healthcare Ad

Lenovo’s Smarter Technology ad takes several twists and turns: it opens with an image of a wearable,  smartwatch as a fitness app. The narrator takes you through the surprising images of snakes and scorpions by emphasizing the Thinkpad’s ability to turn deadly venom into medicine, by calling it smarter than a smartphone.

Why it works: Thisvisually striking ad contains unorthodox messaging that requires users to reflect on it a bit. The difference between this ad and previous ones on this list is that it has narration - but it also has captions, in case users are watching with the sound off. 

7. Kleenex’s Ultra Soft Ad

In only six seconds, the video ad shows two children about to perform in a school play. A little boy approaches a girl dressed in a gown made entirely of Kleenex tissues and reaches out for one to wipe his nose.

Why it works: Slightly humorous and innocent, the ad captures the brand persona of Kleenex - a product that is always within reach and attainable. The helpful caption tagline “The show must go on” provides context to the school play scene. 

8. StubHub’s Find Your Seat

Another example of an ad that you can’t miss while scrolling through your Facebook feed, StubHub follows the fate of a sports enthusiast who is, to his misfortune, seated among the opposing team’s supporters. His act of cheering his team is met with a harsh but expected response. 

Why it works: Six seconds long and with a simplistic message, the ad uses humor to advertise the service’s capability to find the seat that is best for you, the viewer. It is focused on the consumer and manages to get its message across quickly and with minimal copy.

9. Squarespace’s Help Mask-Match.com

Mask-Match.com is Squarespace’s client that helps people send spare masks directly to medical workers across the US during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. The video uses no narration and its copy is short and explains the steps a viewer needs to take if they want to help the cause.

Why it works: Troubled times require a sense of urgency and solidarity, and this ad is all about delivering a sufficient amount of information in as little time as possible, without needing viewers to activate their sound. 

10. Spotify

At first glance, this advertisement may appear to be a low-budget video created by someone with limited skills and an automated tool. However, with over 433 million subscribers, the audio streaming giant Spotify knows how to make a marketing strategy work.

The ad was initially shared on Facebook and aimed to target older generations, who might not yet be using the platform. Spotify has already won over teens and millennials with its music, but the company wants everyone to know that it caters to all musical tastes, from those who grew up with LPs to today's streaming enthusiasts. This is where Simon & Garfunkel comes in, a popular '60s folk-rock duo with a devoted fan base. The ad is subtle but effective, emphasizing Spotify's appeal to a broad audience.

Why it works:

  • Subtle messaging. Spotify wants to dispel the notion that internet music is only for younger audiences by demonstrating its broad appeal.
  • Simple execution. The ad features only an album cover, bright colors, and a few words of text.
  • Immediate connection. Fans of Simon and Garfunkel or similar artists are likely to connect with the ad and be drawn to Spotify's offerings.

11. Airbnb

When a political decision goes against a company's core ideals, how should it respond? By speaking out against it. This is precisely what Airbnb, the homestay brokering company, did in response to the U.S. Supreme Court's 2018 travel ban on people from seven countries.

They released a Facebook video ad titled "Let’s Keep Traveling Forward," which summarizes all the arguments against the ban. The ad developed in-house and executed by Where the Buffalo Roam production company, opens with a straightforward value proposition: Imagine a world without travel.

The 36-second, voiceless ad features short bursts of reverse motion video to argue that "to limit travel is to turn back progress." According to the ad, without travel, there would be no "immigration, exploration, adventure, and no United States of America." Airbnb's co-founders later issued a statement affirming that "we will continue to open doors and build bridges between cultures around the world."

Why it works:

  • Emphasis on corporate social responsibility (CSR). Airbnb's cause marketing campaign taps into popular resentment against the travel ban to promote its CSR.
  • Simplicity. The ad's messaging is concise, direct, and skillfully edited.
  • Use of subtitles. The ad employs subtitles instead of a voice-over, making it more accessible to 85% of Facebook users who watch videos with the sound off.

12. Sephora

Amid countless distractions vying for attention on a Facebook news feed, personal care and beauty e-commerce company Sephora has found a way to cut through the clutter. Their solution is a 10-second graphics interchange format (GIF) and promoting two of their newest fragrances, titled "Scents to Live in".

The ad boasts a throwback to ‘70s-style aesthetics with impressionist images that flow in a fairy-tale-like fashion. Although one of the fragrances is marketed towards men, the ad is geared towards women who are looking for gift options for themselves or others.

Why it works:

  • Visual style. The ad delivers a lot of information in a 10-second GIF by utilizing stylized visuals.
  • Product positioning. Both fragrances are showcased beautifully and effortlessly, with subtle visual cues that appeal to consumers.
  • Animation. The animation is a perfect fit for the ad length and type Sephora uses to promote its latest fragrances.

13. Mailchimp

Mailchimp’s Facebook ad appears to be inspired by Sephora’s marketing strategy, using a short-animated video that conveys the company’s value proposition in a matter of seconds. The ad promotes Mailchimp’s email marketing service and automation platform by showcasing its quick and easy-to-use templates.

The ad consists of just three visuals: a pair of sunglasses, the same image against a black background (presumably a template), and an envelope shape superimposed over the sunglasses, suggesting the ease of completing an email campaign on Mailchimp’s platform. The ad ends with the tagline, “We’ve got a fit for every face & budget.”

Key takeaways from this ad include its hyper-focus on the company’s core competency, its minimalist design that reflects Mailchimp’s ease of use, and its ability to capture the viewer’s attention quickly.

14. Grammarly

To ensure accuracy in official communications, writing precisely is essential for professionals and individuals alike. However, what about the average person typing out quick messages to their friends on their mobile phones?

Grammarly, a writing assistant, believes that all text should be error-free, which is why it created an ad promoting flawless writing on mobile devices. The ad features a mobile phone with a keyboard displayed, accompanied by a variety of emojis. The text encourages writing with impeccable grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Why it works:

  • Concise messaging. The ad effectively communicates the concept of writing accurately on the go through concise text and visuals.
  • Visual clarity. The messaging is straightforward in terms of visuals.
  • Effective tagline. The tagline "Write Confidently Everywhere" encapsulates the idea that Grammarly is not limited to desktop use in office settings.

15. Oreo Thins

Oreo demonstrates a practical method for marketing delectable after-dinner treats to binge-watchers through a compelling short video advertisement titled "Serious drama calls for a serious treat." The ad features a white background that turns dark once an Oreo cookie is picked up, accompanied by perfect graphics quality, treatment, and font type that make it appealing to all sweet-toothed viewers. The ad showcases expert video-making skills, capturing the mood of indulging in a late-night snack.

The ad's main takeaways include its visually attractive qualities, which make it impossible to ignore while perusing the supermarket aisles, and its intelligent positioning as an ideal post-dinner treat that pairs well with television dramas. Additionally, Oreo is mindful of its customers' well-being and limits the serving size of its Thins product to four cookies.

What Makes These Video Ad Campaigns Successful?

All of these ads make use of certain creative best practices that are becoming the foundation of successful Facebook video advertising.

The five elements that make them successful with Facebook audiences are:

  • Branding: Effective Facebook video ad examples make most of the very limited time they have to get the users’ attention. They all include branding elements in the first few seconds and convey their branding voice and message in a way that is recognizable and easy to absorb.
  • Immediate impact: Audiences swipe and scroll quickly through their feed on mobile devices and laptop computers. On mobile, however, users consume News Feed content 41% faster than on desktop, according to Facebook. Advertisers only have a couple of seconds to make a real impact, which is why their videos’ most exciting frames appear early on. 
  • Efficient storytelling: Creating videos for a Facebook audience requires a different type of storytelling because most users are on mobile devices. The advertisers are faced with the challenge of condensing their messages into 10-15 seconds or even less. The shorter the video is, the better it will perform in the Feed.
  • Mobile-first approach: A recent study by Facebook found that 65% of all Facebook video views come from mobile users. To make the most of the space for the mobile format, these brands are optimizing their ads for portrait viewing mode. Furthermore, 98% of the time, people use their phones vertically, so marketers make their ads accordingly. 
  • Sound-off design: Even though adding an audio experience to ads is desirable, a surprising amount of people watch their videos with the sound off, which is the default setting in Facebook News Feed’s automatic video streaming. Successful advertisers design their videos by having a clear focal point and messaging that is understandable even without sound. 
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Five Benefits Of Great Video Advertising Design

A great video ad can create brand awareness, bring in customers and generate revenue. Here are the five most immediate and common benefits of a well-designed video ad.

1. Quickly Grabs The Audience’s Attention

Video is very effective at capturing the viewer’s attention and keeping them engaged. Video ads showcase products in motion and talk about their features through memorable stories.

87% of marketers consider Facebook ads effective for their business and as much as 71% of consumers say that the Facebook video ads they see in their feed are relevant to them. 

Also, according to Facebook, 65% of people who watch the first 3 seconds of a video, watch for at least 10 seconds.

2. Leads To Higher Conversion Rates

Watching a visually compelling video that outlines a product’s features in an attractive way can influence the customer’s behavior and their buying decisions.

Videos that convey the right emotions are a powerful selling tool, including videos on a landing page which can increase conversion rates by 80%.

3. Boosts Trust And Credibility

A video that provides necessary information about a product and does it in a visually pleasing manner boosts the brand’s personality and earns consumers’ trust.

According to Forbes, 90% of viewers say they find quality product videos helpful with their buying decision process. Videos that educate and inform the target audience in an engaging way build a foundation of trust, which translates to sales.

4. Increases Social Shares

As much as 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others. This presents a great chance for businesses to showcase their products to their audience and go viral or at least reach new audience segments.

This is especially true for Facebook, as Facebook native videos get 478% more shares than videos from other sources. (Forbes)

5. Forms An Emotional Bond With The Audience

Videos compel marketers to condense their message to fit a short time frame and challenge them to provide value in the time they do have.

Well-designed videos engage people’s senses by showing and telling at the same time - this is where videos have a clear advantage over text articles.

Storytelling through the sights and sounds of a video produces an emotional impact on the audience and forms a more personal relationship between a viewer and the brand.

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Five Video Marketing Trends In 2023

The landscape of video marketing is changing rapidly as new technologies emerge, and more and more businesses are opting to deploy professional video marketing agencies to not only create stellar Facebook video ads but to market them flawlessly for specific target audiences. 

Regardless of whether you're looking to outsource a video production company or are looking to get the job done in-house, it's essential that you know the emerging video marketing trends for 2023 and beyond.

Let's take a closer look:

1. Live Videos

Live media is an engaging concept because it fosters live interaction with real people.

The short-lived nature of the moment is what numerous Instagram users make the most of when they go live and answer questions asked in real-time by their followers.

Live videos are recreating the experience of live TV, except, unlike geographically limited TV broadcasts, these videos are available for audiences across the entire globe.

Advertisers and marketers may begin hosting live Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat product reveal videos or live Q&A videos for certain intricate products or services, thus providing more value to consumers.

2. Shoppable Videos

Shoppable videos are video ads that feature clickable links to eCommerce product pages.

Certain shoppable videos are already providing additional information about the product when a user hovers their mouse over it.

Videos that highlight specific products in the story’s stream with shoppable links or exclusive deals are something we will undoubtedly see more of in the future. Some of these videos are not easy to make manually, so users often use tools like FlexClip to create their Facebook video ads.

3. Interactive 360-Degree Video

360-degree videos that viewers can interact with are a massive trend because they are highly experiential and immersive, in the way attending a live sporting event might be.

As AR and VR become more prominent in video advertising, this futuristic style of experiencing video is something we can look out for in the future.

These interactive Facebook posts have the potential to set brands and their products apart from the competition by captivating and wowing their customer base. 

4. More Stories

Facebook and Instagram stories are quick, require very little editing and have become popular with a vast array of users. They marked the shift in the advertising perspective for most marketers.

Additional platforms continue to introduce this format of content as more and more brands embrace sponsored stories that they make available for a 24-hour period. These instill a fear of missing out in their audience who will rush to watch them.

5. Silent Videos

Most advertisers design their videos with the automatic “sound off” option in mind that Facebook introduced with the autoplay feature, which automatically plays videos within the user’s feed.

These ads either feature subtitles or are made in such a way that they don't require sound to get their message across.

In fact, 85% of Facebook users watch videos with the sound off, which came as an interesting outcome Facebook never intended to happen.

The animations and imagery that publishers add to these videos that are silent by default give context to the ad without users needing to turn the sound on.

This trend caught on very quickly and led Instagram and YouTube to also automatically play their videos in their feed.

Takeaways On Facebook Video Ad Examples

The best-performing Facebook video ads of 2023 we’ve discussed in this article have certain common traits that are the foundation of their success:

  • Adaptability to the silent or sound-off mode of viewing
  • Concise storytelling
  • Immediate branding
  • Mobile-first approach

Best practices that make these 9 Facebook video ad examples great include:

  • Quickly grabbing the audience’s attention Getting the attention of the audience quickly
  • Creating high conversion rates
  • Increasing trust and brand credibility
  • Forming an emotional connection through storytelling

Facebook Ads FAQs 

What kind of videos is the best for FB video ads? 

Branded short films in a square format are among the most effective forms of FB video ads. A short story related to the brand, including the products and services that are the best types of FB videos. 

How long should a FB video ad be? 

Facebook videos should ideally be of 15 seconds or less so that people watch them till the end. 

Are videos better for Facebook ads? 

Yes, Facebook ads in the form of videos are most effective in communicating a brand’s messaging and creating an impression. 

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