Agilant Website Design

IT Company Agilant Solutions Taps Lounge Lizard for State-of-the-Art Website Design

The role of an IT support team in promoting a safe digital space is essential. That’s why design agency Lounge Lizard made sure that Agilant Solutions, Inc, North America’s leading independent provider of IT services, solutions and technologies, will be seen as a powerful IT company through its website.

The product of their collaboration? An accessible platform helps them reach their target audience, especially prospective clients looking for the best IT services in the region.

Agilant Website Design by Lounge Lizard

Agilant Solutions Website Design by Lounge Lizard Displays Everything You Need to Know at First Look

The agency opted for a straightforward homepage to highlight the brand's nature of business and services.

Upon entering the website, visitors are greeted with a brief company bio followed by a "What We Do" section that displays the services they offer: Advisory & Transformation, Managed Business Solutions and IT Procurement.

Also, the agency highlighted the IT company’s response to COVID-19, making the homepage more relevant and timelier to prospective customers.

Emphasizing the abovementioned content makes it easier for website visitors to know and understand what the brand is all about. Other information is tucked into several pages and easily accessible through the sticky navigation menu.

The Resources page is a great landing page for customers looking for more informative pieces such as blogs, news, customer stories, insights and several media content. This is also a goldmine for first-time visitors who want to dig deeper into the brand.

Additionally, success stories and collaborations are available on the Verticals page.

Overall, the website design exudes professionalism and relevancy, displaying only the details that every site visitor needs to know. No clutter, just essential information.

It's a testament that website design companies like Lounge Lizard excel in developing on-brand and engaging websites. 

Agilant Website Design Features COVID19 Response

Lounge Lizard's Focus on Accessibility for Agilant Website Design Yields Favorable Web Performance

Despite the detailed and informative web pages, the website doesn't appear text-heavy. Customers are introduced to the brand without being overwhelmed.

The minimal and optimized page designs are some of the best features of this website, enticing visitors to stay longer on site.

And if we talk about functionality, the website's navigation menu takes the cake. The primary menu on the header and the essential options in the footer section is accessible with minimal movement.

The transitions on the website are also on point. These elements successfully worked together to offer an easy-to-navigate website from top to bottom.

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Agilant Website Design Highlights

The Agency's Creative Prowess Shines Through Great Color Story and Animation

Agilant's website design doesn't fall short of appeal. Aside from the technical strengths it boasts, it also wins on creativity!

The agency incorporated the brand colors blue, white and red and highlighted different sections to avoid confusion. Overall, it communicates the branding effectively: Agilant is professional, reliable and competent. You may also look into various branding agencies and see how they communicate the brand vision. 

As for the main visuals and media elements, all chosen images for the website effortlessly capture the visitors’ attention. With an animated banner featuring a running cheetah as the leading element, site visitors would quickly realize that Agilant Solutions indeed means business. They're an agile and dedicated brand in the IT industry.

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