Morten Christensen Clean Gallery Page

The power of technology has brought humanity everything from clean drinking water to artificial intelligence, and yet in all the development, there is one thing tech can never quite replace. Personality. Morten Christensen is a digital designer from Denmark who has merged the power of technology with his unique personality to produce creative content for brands and businesses all over the world.

Christensen’spersonal site maintains a cool, interactive essence, and he relies on a professional simplicity to showcase a portfolio of his work. Colors are minimal with mostly black and white backgrounds. Social media icons, navigation buttons, and color overlays on images give a touch of gray and teal blue throughout other site features. Fonts are slightly chunky to pop out in white against images with subtle black borders, and the home page site design features selections of his work with responsive photo effects that zoom in when users hover. The experience is clean, personable, and engaging.

As users navigate to the core of the site—portfolio samples—colored images have crisp, square edges, and a column of text stands off to the left side of the page to provide descriptive information about the featured work. Faint drop shadows, gray text, and overlaid images and borders give a sense of depth without overwhelming with visual input. The site avoids using a lot of links and pages to be opened by displaying each project with an easily accessible vertical scroll feature so information is consolidated. Users can click a single box in the upper right corner that spins and turns to teal blue as users exit the page to return to the home screen. 

Morten Christensen Clean About Page

The site design completes a personal touch with a tidy ‘About’ page, sharing more information about the artist behind the works. This page returns to dominate black and white themes with little color, and uses different sized fonts with bolded headings and lighter body content for visual variety. As users scroll, text boxes and drop shadows move at a slightly different pace from the rest of the page to give a more 3-D sensation, and small buttons appear tastefully and minimally in a familiar teal blue. Technology and personality come together in this site design to share a human face with creative talent in a digital world.

Morten Christensen is a clean website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.