Feed Music Beautiful Homepage

In a rapidly changing business world, the number of people involved in creating music has drastically affected the way that music is made.

The business side heavily outweighs the artistry -- and Feed Music recognizes that. They see an industry waiting to inspire the world but needs assistance in doing so. They stepped up to become the middleman for all parties, from musicians to stakeholders.

Feed Music opens a beautiful, dark manner. Your focus is immediately drawn to the quote in the center of the screen. Using a white font, the words fade into the background the further you read. The design is sheer perfection, tying together the text and the imagery as hues of blue, black and white create a tiny portion of the universe before your very eyes. It’s a stunning display that spikes your curiosity.

Feed Music Beautiful About Page

Ready to learn a little bit more about Feed Music and what the application looks like? Head over to Feed App page to see a visual demonstration of the mobile app. The page switches out an in-depth background for a empty setting, where your focus remains on important information.

Product imagery moves within the confines of a laptop and phone, showcasing how the different platforms present the same application.

On the right side, in bold and beautiful blue font, you’re invited to watch a real case study that used the product. The minimalism is enticing, and you'll find yourself clicking on the laptop to play the embedded video!

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Feed Music Beautiful Contact Page

The website design makes it super easy for you to meet the Feed Music team and experience the prototype.

Set on an eclectic blue page that matches previous fonts, all you have to do is fill in their punch-and-plug form with your information. The lettering is bold and takes up the entire page, making it easy for you to read each prompt. It couldn’t be any easier to use!

Feed Music is looking to revolutionize the music industry, and their site does a fantastic job of showcasing that. Meaningful imagery and detailed videos compliment a simple design, letting you focus on how to make this app work for you.

Feed Music is a beautiful website design in the Arts & Recreation, Professional Services and Technology industries.

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