Alexis Facca Minimal Homepage Design

Alexis Facca is an innovative and experimental website dedicated to the portfolio and business of the graphic designer herself, Alexis Facca. The landing page utilizes a light-gray background to create negative space so as to draw the focus of site visitors to the portfolio pieces on display. Alexis Facca breaks down her various projects into color blocks. Underneath each set of boxes, visitors can see who each project was created for and when it was created. As visitors hover their mouse over a specific project, the cursor creatively transforms into a pair of eyes.

Upon entering the site, visitors are prompted to translate the page to their selected language because the page is originally put together in French. Visitors have the option to translate the page back and forth between the original language and the selected language.

Alexis Facca Minimal Website Design

By utilizing the cursor eyeballs to click on a project, visitors are redirected to the individual portfolio page. On the right side, visitors can click through the various parts of each project set.

At the bottom of the page, visitors are given several navigation prompts to help guide them through projects. However, if visitors are interested in seeing all of Facca’s projects listed before them as well as the titles, they only have to utilize the menu on the right side to navigate the website.

Alexis Facca Minimal Gallery Design

In addition to viewing professional projects, Alexis Facca offers up a personal journal of works that she has created for herself. Accessing this through the menu, visitors can utilize a deep scroll to see the projects created. By clicking on each individual project, users are able to see the details up close.

Alexis Facca Minimal About Page

Within Facca’s “About” page, visitors are able to get a general idea of who she is and what her work is about, as well as a number of the big name clients she has worked with. A number of hyperlinks are made available to open Facca’s social media sites in new browser windows. Additionally, multiple email addresses are made available for visitors to contact. By clicking on the email address, a modal window opens up to direct visitors to their personal emails.

Visitors are prompted to join Alexis Facca’s fan club through the page, which opens up in a new browser page. However, upon following the link, visitors are directed to 404 page.

Alexis Facca is a minimal website design in the Professional Services industry.