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JetBlue Website Design Stands Out For Leadership In Airline Travel

The JetBlue website design gives the website visitor a taste of what it is like to travel with one of the best brands in airline travel. The site makes spectacular use of colors and easy to read typography to create a pleasant user experience. Booking flights and other services through the site is a breeze. This is a speedy website design that stands out for its focus on creating a great UX. In addition, it's remarkably easy to navigate. Booking through the site helps promote the company due to the focus on a stress-free experience.

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JetBlue Website Menu Icons

User-Friendly Menu And Icons

The designers have given substantial thought to the look of the menu. It is well-spaced and large. In addition, hovering over the menu items activates a slide down under the item which expands. Below, the user can see icons and text of expanded menu options. For example, the "Plan a trip" item expands to give access to the following options:

  • Flights
  • Vacations
  • Hotels
  • Cars
  • Cruises
  • Deals

The user is able to select which type of trip they would like to plan. The menu design makes it easy to head straight to the relevant page on the website.

The same pattern is repeated for other items such as "Flying on JetBlue." Here you can view options including "Snacks & Drinks," as well as "JetBlue Mint," the company's premium flying program. These menu items use handy icons that give you helpful information at a glance. Navigating the menu, like the rest of the website, is therefore fast and efficient.

JetBlue Website Flights

Site Uses Excellent Branding, Calls To Action And Accessible Buttons

An area where the design stands out is in its use of calls to action that really stand out. The calls to action are in white text against blue background. Others are in blue text, while others have an orange background. For the most part, the CTAs are easy to read. The combination of colors manages to maintain the brand’s identity while paying attention to legibility. As you are booking your flight, these CTAs make it easy to quickly move to the next step of flight booking.

Another design choice that works well on the site is the use of big buttons and form fields. These choices are superb for a flight-booking site because forms and buttons are essential in a traveler's workflow. A potential customer has to select travel dates, destinations, as well as enter their personal information.

Making input easy and pleasant through large form fields creates a positive experience. Rather than fiddle with hard to read input fields, here, the large text and well-spaced design makes input easier. Buttons are easy to review and click.

Brand Identity Strengthened Through Colors Across Website

JetBlue has a corporate identity that uses various shades of blue. On this website, this brand identity comes to the fore. The website design uses shades of blue, as well as orange, to emphasize the company's brand identity. These shades of blue are quite vivid and stick in the user's mind. They help to forge an instinctual preference for the JetBlue brand. For fans of the brand, having its colors so prominent on the website creates trust. They are reassured by the familiarity of the colors.

On actual JetBlue planes, these colors are used on the tail section of the plane. White is used on the body of the plane. Repeating the same colors on the website creates a consistent brand experience. What the user sees in the real world is what they see online or on their phone, as they book JetBlue flights. The inclusion of orange in text and icons around the website brings into play the other important color in the company's brand. JetBlue makes use of orange, in combination with its blue colors, to create a distinctive brand. The mixing of the colors creates balance and enhances the appeal of the brand.

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JetBlue Great Website Design

The Website Design Emphasizes Mission To Make Traveling Stress-Free

In view of the company's mission to make traveling stress-free, the website design is highly effective. It successfully mirrors the stress-free experience of flying with JetBlue. This website does not present navigation challenges or spaces where it is easy to get lost. It gives you cues to alert you what is happening when you enter information. A blue preloading spinner helps avoid interstitial anxiety when information on flight tickets is loading. At all times, helpful information, menus and a friendly interface are available to help resolve your problems.

Using the website brings you closer to the JetBlue brand. Its design takes into account what JetBlue stands for as a company. JetBlue is founded on differentiation. The company prides itself on its innovation of "XM Radio, leather, five consecutive J.D. Power awards and the most legroom of any airline."

As the company points out, these are attributes that their competitors do not necessarily have. The website, likewise, has a level of ease-of-use that is not necessarily replicated across all airline website designs. Its ability to load fast and present a pleasant booking interface makes it a great design for the traveler looking to book a trip.

JetBlue Top Website Design

Jetblue Website Design Backs Company’s Brand Identity, Mission And History

The website solidly backs the promises behind the JetBlue brand. JetBlue started in 1999 as a no-frills airline that had a special focus. The company had a mission to bring humanity back into air travel.

It promised to provide "the best fare and throw in a little thing called humanity." This was a bold promise that few other airlines were able to match. It made JetBlue stand out in a field that had many potential competitors. The difference was that JetBlue's brand went much further in differentiating itself based on what the company stood for. JetBlue stood out for treating its customers the same. Its egalitarian approach differed from other airlines that had multiple classes for seating. The level of service was consistently good regardless of how much you paid for your flight. This made JetBlue a favorite with travelers looking for a good cross-country flight on a budget.

The website offers the same message with its user-friendliness. Booking a flight feels quick, and there is little hassle as you input your travel dates and preferences, making the experience a true joy.

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