Allbirds Great Homepage

Allbirds it’s a startup that makes shoes out of merino wool. Started by two guys, they teamed up to create an innovative wool fabric to create most comfortable shoes ever.

Allbirds Great Website Design

There are nice, small animations of moving feet that looks cute and funny, but also gives more visual aspect how these shoes really look in action. Scrolling down, there’s a fullscreen video about their products and below there’s a ball of wool with some hand and legs, that it changes our perception about thinking of a wool. There are also some nice illustrations to help to show the process and purpose of these wool shoes as well. 

Allbirds Fun Website Design

This site is simple with a touches of fun elements, like animation of hand-drawn birds or balls of wool that are personalized with hands and legs. Throughout the homepage, there are a lot of fullscreen images.

Allbirds Great Product Page

All of these elements give a more approachable and friendly feeling, and make customers more likely to try out and buy their products. 

Allbirds Great Menu Design

This mega menu looks really cool and simple. This approach works, of course, when we don’t have many products or categories to display, but in this case it’s very useful and easy to navigate. 

Allbirds is a top website design in the Fashion & Beauty industry.