Ambassador Beautiful Homepage

Designed to encapsulate elegance, Ambassador creates watches that span distance and time. They are a brand that is engrossed in culture, hoping to reach anyone interested in becoming part of a movement that is prestigious. 

We all know branding is much more than just a cool logo or well-placed advertisement. A successful brand has to be consistent in communication and experience across many applications, and most importantly the online existence under this digital culture. Ambassador’s website shows the same high-end quality as their timepieces in both visual identity and user environment. The design is tailored to their needs and integrate the core of their brand into every aspect. The benefit is the customers could develop a deeper level of trust by the beautiful web experience.

Extreme minimalism is the theme, which gives the classical exquisite aesthetics a fresh modern touch. The golden brown color illuminates the major dark color skin, which conveys the timeless elegance. The beauty begins with the loading bar design — rotating custom illustration of watches, which connects with the industry so well. The full-screen homepage banner is designed to have the watch bottom-aligned, and the magic light beam effect grabs visitors’ attention and lets the focus remain on the entry message. The whole presentation is a memorable eye-catching experience.

Ambassador Beautiful Website Design

The “Lookbook” page features four collections, which are presented in a deep-scrolling fashion. Each photo is rotated by arrows and marked by numbers. At the end of each lookbook, the targeted timepiece appears and there is a call-to-action to shop the model. To view other lookbooks, simply scroll down or click the indicator on the side. The multiple lifestyle images with their product have the strong impact, like any fashion show, the purpose behind it is to create more incentive. Hence, to have the direct access placed at the end of each is a well-planned movement.

Ambassador Beautiful Product Page

The product detail page serves one of the most important roles of the site, all details are crafted and presented outstandingly. The precise execution is beyond the word “exceptional” could describe. The crisscrossing treatment is applied smartly on both color arrangement and images positioning. All design treatments follow the theory of human behavior. The goal is to make the product shine and make the visitors enjoy a stress-free online shopping experience.

Ambassador is a beautiful website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Fashion & Beauty industries.