Sharedesk (slide 1)

Nowadays, businesses are no longer relying on office spaces and cubicles. Instead, many are branching out and utilizing spaces and tools that are collaborative and connect them with the world.

Serving over 440 cities in 70 countries, ShareDesk is a digital website design that helps users find working and venue spaces for their business needs.

Operating much like Airbnb, ShareDesk helps users discover and book spaces in all kinds of international locations ranging from Singapore to Sydney. A minimal, clean interface makes the process smooth and easy for everyone involved.

Large images of featured working spaces fill backgrounds and rotate photos through a slide show to demonstrate varieties of spaces for users.

As they peruse the infinite scroll website design, bright white space breaks up the backdrops and clears room for easier navigation.

Simple icons filled with colors from the site scheme of green, white, blue, gray, or black show users where they can discover new spaces, book and confirm locations, or check in with a host space to work.

A small ‘x’ in upper right corners allows users to close out of pop up panes with information and return to scrolling. A large search bar featuring custom filter options makes the process of discovering a space easier, and large text boxes with rotating feedback from former satisfied customers give users confidence in the platform.

A map of the world filled with site colors demonstrates visually all the locations ShareDesk has operated. As users move through the site, they can access a large dark gray menu from the left-hand side to sign up, list spaces, or continuing searching.

Consistent color schemes, clear layouts, and minimal design functions make the process of finding a workspace almost anywhere in the world an exciting new prospect as businesses forge into the future.

All in all, this minimal website design is excellent and connects users from all over the world in an intuitive digital space.

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