Arctic Wild Elegant Homepage

Arctic Wild is a wilderness guiding company based in Fairbanks, Alaska. 

From the moment you hit the landing page, this site is like an adventure in itself. The wealth of photography featured, as well as the parallax scroll design and interesting color scheme come together in a way that makes you want to get out and climb a mountain.

The many call to action links and buttons involved in the landing page automatically lead users to explore deeper into the world of Arctic Wild, which is precisely the point. The offering of a destination map directly on the front page helps as well, allowing users to dive right in to learn more.

Arctic Wild Elegant About Page

The About page is certainly a contrast to the image-intensive pages throughout the rest of the site. This text-heavy page does fit the bill for what we expect an About page to be, though, as it contains a wealth of information regarding the company, its history, and its goals.

Links to some of their scientific explorations are included within the text in orange, which helps to break up the black text very nicely and offers readers a chance to learn even more once they are done reading about the company's history and mission. Overall, the About page has a solid, clean, and corporate feel to it, which lends itself well to showing that they are a serious company as well as adventurous.

Arctic Wild Elegant Product Page

Finally, the product pages come full circle in the design scheme, featuring images and links that will lead you to learn more about each offering. Several orange links break up the black text in the center of the page, which is bordered by the images that lead to each adventure trip.

Overall, the site has a very interesting feel to it and that keeps readers entranced and reading more. The bold colors, wise use of bright links to break up dark text, and use of images to frame blocks of text is a wise move and keeps readers engaged very well.

Arctic Wild is an elegant website design in the Arts & Recreation, Sports & Leisure and Travel industries.