Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Homepage

The Four Seasons is one of the most iconic names in the luxury hotel business. With a reputation as one of the most exclusive hotel chains in the world, and prices to prove it, this website has to capture the value of the Four Seasons experience.

On the Four Seasons home page, the attention of the user is immediately captured with high resolution photography housed in a full width slider. The pictures spotlight the services, surroundings, and amenities of some of their most glamorous locations.

The strong photography adds brilliant colors to the page, reflected in the teal highlights seen throughout. The iconic Four Seasons logo is traditionally placed in the upper left hand corner. The logo features a bold combination of black and white; the monochromatic color palette is echoed throughout the web page.

An icon of the globe in the upper right-hand corner allows the user to easily change the language, conveying user focused design; kudos to the UX and UI designers.

A transparent search function encourages the user to explore the Four Seasons’ locations, while a form to the right allows the user to easily search availability. A drop-down menu showcases the Four Seasons’ dozens of locations.

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Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Elegant About Page

The landing pages for the different destinations feature a slider that mirrors that seen on the home page. Videos and sliders allow each property to speak for itself while creating a multimedia experience. Images and copywriting placed asymmetrically add texture and a playful touch. An interactive map at the bottom of the page adds texture and a useful feature. Just above, a slider allows the user to click through the weather forecast for the region, another pragmatic addition.

As a leader in the world of luxury, the Four Seasons has a big name to live up to. By spotlighting photography, the unique character of each individual property is able to shine, while the cohesive website design cultivates brand identity.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is an elegant website design in the Hospitality, Luxury and Travel industries.

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