Visit Singapore Elegant Homepage

Singapore is one of the world’s most beautiful countries and sought after vacation destination. The popular country launched Visit Singapore, a one-stop travel website that allows users to plan their next trip. The web design is simple to navigate and relies on imagery to draw user’s attention.

The landing page features a full-screen banner image with a horizontal menu at the top. The menu includes a search bar where users can explore the website using keywords or phrases which simplifies sitemap navigation.

The homepage uses an advanced grid layout which keeps the content organized and easy to follow. Keywords or hyperlinks are highlighted in red, which enhances the UI and UX interface and is a great implementation of SEO and SEM integration.

At the bottom of the page is an interactive map that uses black markers to pinpoint popular Singapore neighborhoods. When users click on the marker it hyperlinks to the corresponding page.

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Visit Singapore Elegant Blog Page

The “shop” page is an example of how each web page’s layout. It features a full-screen banner image, and depending on the web page, includes an embedded video. This approach improves the user experience.

Each page includes a featured article about a subject that’s relevant to its context. It also includes two to three subpages with a 4-by-4 headline and gallery format.

Visit Singapore has a blog page where users can get a slew of information about the different areas and attractions of the Malaysian city. The blog’s landing page differs from the other page because it doesn’t lose a lot of imagery. It focuses on its well-written content — allowing users to focus on the context.

Visit Singapore’s web design allows users to explore the city without within the comfort of their home or office. The design’s simplistic model enhances the UX and UI interface, leaving a positive impression. It’s an opportunity for potential visitors to map out their trip and get a glimpse of hotels, attractions, and restaurants they can add to their itinerary.

Visit Singapore is an elegant website design in the Sports & Leisure and Travel industries.

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